Sweden: Civic Minded Muslims Helpfully Demonstrate How Police Cars Fail Flammability Standards

Sweden: Police station in Muslim ghetto attacked

Friday night a gang of about 10 people attacked the local police station in Farsta in southern Stockholm area.

The gang, which consisted of “younger men”, poured flammable liquid over 4-5 police cars parked outside the station. They also blocked the door leading from the station to the parking lot, to prevent the cops from coming out and extinguish the fire.

h/t Xavier

  • BillyHW

    “Younger men”…such a useful description. They didn’t even bother with the “Asian” moniker this time. As if anyone named Takahashi, Kim Chan Park, or Mats would have done this.

    Muslim immigrants are incompatible with Western civilization.

    • Now why would you say that? Look how they helped with those police cars.

      • So torching the moske was payback?

        • winniec

          “Younger men”…you say? How about “younger gorillas” with guns and books of matches. Sweden needs a penal colony for these Kor-animals in the far north: dark and frosty all winter, giant mosquitoes and no sleep all summer.

          • In this case, they’re koranderthals.

          • Just a thought

            That’s because their school curriculum is “Kommon Kor-an” 🙂

          • I call it the koranus – because it’s only fit for wiping with.

        • No good deed goes unpunished;)

          • I didn’t think the police had it in them.

  • Denis George Miller

    the cops are lucky they didn’t mistake the cop shop for a car!

  • Hard Little Machine

    Must have wandered into one of those Islamic no-go zones. This should be a lesson to them.

  • What I get from this story is that Swedish police are pussies. Ten yutz would not keep even one Texas Ranger bottled up while they bar b qued his ride.

    So..swedes must like paying for this entertainment. We are headed down the same path with ObamHolder http://senatormark4.org/Alinsky5.htm