Shi’ite news site, connected with Iran: ‘Germany’s Anti-Islam Protests Sign of Deep Islamophobia’

Uppity Germans protest in Dresden: the elite calls them “pin-striped Nazis”

Germany witnessed the largest anti-Muslim demonstration on Monday night with up to 17,500 people reportedly attending protests in the eastern German city of Dresden while chanting anti-immigration and anti-Islamic slogans.

In the face of widespread hatred toward Muslims in German society, some German politicians and religious leaders have condemned the protests…

Some of the held by protestors banners at the counter-demonstration included statements such as “Our culture is to love people by our side,” “Against racism and fanaticism” and “I am not Nazi, so what?” The recent protests and growing far-right extremism could well be sowing the seeds of civil unrest in Germany, which has a high immigrant population and a Muslim community of over four million people…

  • Just a thought

    Contrast those awful Germans with the poor victimized peace-loving Iranian Mullahs..

  • pdxnag

    Islamo-Fascism is the kissing cousin, and ally, of Nazisim. The old alliance seems to have been restored, under new labels.

  • Xavier

    Eventually a government will tell its Moslem population, “A lot of terrorism is being created by your religion and it has to stop. We’re putting every Moslem, Islamic organization, mosque, and religious leader under surveillance until this problem is eliminated worldwide. You can shorten this process by cooperating, or extend it by complaining.”

    Which country will be first and what sanctions will the rest of the world rush to implement against them?

    • TotallyPeeved

      Won’t happen and nothing will change until Jesus returns.

    • Pete_Brewster

      Eventually a government will say simply, “You have a year to pack anything you can’t live without, hand over all your net worth to us, and quit our territory, never to return if life you value. If you refuse, may Allah protect you from the many people coming to settle accounts with you for murdering their kin, because rest assured we will do nothing of the sort. The choice is yours.”

      Israel will probably be the first.

      Make her a pariah? She already is a pariah. So be it. She has God and the Samson Option to protect her. That’s all she needs.

  • Alain

    Islamophobia is an invented concept. Palestinians are an invented people. Muslims discovered America is another invention, and the lies continue without cease.

  • Pete_Brewster

    So let’s see. Putin is the Islamic revolution’s best friend in the world, but the anti-Muslim marches in Dresden are a Kremlin plot.

    Will the MSM kindly make up their minds whether Pootpoot is mean because he likes arselifters or hates arselifters.