Saudi women drivers sent to ‘terrorism’ court: activists

Two women’s rights campaigners detained in Saudi Arabia have been transferred to a special tribunal for “terrorism”, activists said on Dec. 25 after the women appeared in court.

The ruling came at a hearing in Al-Ahsa, in the kingdom’s Eastern Province, according to the activists who declined to be named.

Loujain Hathloul has been detained since December 1 after she tried to drive into the kingdom from neighbouring United Arab Emirates in defiance of a ban.

Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world which does not allow women to drive…

  • ontario john

    And where are western feminists? Always quiet about islam. Funny old world isn’t it.

    • mauser 98

      Rebbick , Sheila Copps , Steinam , Naomi Klein AWOL..amazing

      Saudi female driver who defied ban in fatal accident

      • Gary

        Don’t forget Susan G Cole because as a Lesbian feminist and Jewish she has also been quiet about hamas murdering homosexuals and the insane inclusion in PRIDE for 2 Pro-hamas groups.
        Cole loves to bash all males as prone to violence against women except for gay males , trans males , Muslim males , non-white male , and atheist males.
        I feel sorry for her because her fear of being killed in Canada by islamists plus the Rainbow groups fear to incite Pressure-cooker bomb attack on PRIDE had forced her say things on the Radio and in the news Print that she knows she does not support.
        Feminists take the easy way out and claim they support their Sisters that choose to follow their faith and make a free will choice to wear the Burka and Niqab , they also endorse the respect for women in islam to give them their own prayer room in the basement of mosques.

        • mauser 98

          when they want $$$$ from the taxpayer they scream racist, bigot etc. no problem

        • Left wing Feminists are full of shit.

    • Slutwalkin?

  • Maggat

    I’m in the process of teaching my wife how to drive. Terrorist? Well, um, oh, gosh,,, I’d better keep my mouth shut.

    • Have fun, my Mom rolled the car her first time out, that ended her lessons. Later in life we got her a motorized scooter, she rolled that 3 or 4 times before giving up.

  • David

    A heads up for all you home grown Canadian drivers; don’t trust stop signs, red lights or any cautionary signals cause the 3rd world drivers in our midst don’t give a shit about you, your kids, your sainted mom, even their own spawn.

    • Maggat

      How do you make certain recent oriental immigrants go blind?
      Put a windshield in front of them.

    • I lived in Richmond BC, I learned those lessons well.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Oh please feminists just blame it on the Jews. Problem solved.