Salon: “No proof that Jesus even existed”; Muhammad’s existence “established beyond the shadow of a doubt”

Some 2,000 years after the alleged event, religious scholars, despite their best efforts, have still found no proof that Jesus even existed.

Although it might seem reasonable to suppose such a one as he walked the earth in the Middle East, historical records kept by the Romans (then in charge of Judea and Samaria) and contemporary chroniclers make no mention of him.

The Gospels are not historical records and don’t count; they were composed decades afterward.

It has even been credibly proposed that Paul and his cohorts created the savior with strokes of their quills by mythologizing history.

Footnote: If you’d still like to believe in a prophet whose existence has been established beyond the shadow of a doubt, try Muhammad…

  • BillyHW

    Leftism is a mental disorder.

    • A certifiable one.

    • Barrington Minge

      So is Islam

  • winniec

    Perfect synopsis, BCF! The Leftards do whatever is necessary to destroy European civilization…and do it with a post-modern smirk. Facts and logic are unnecessary. The smirk is everything.

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      The only ones ruining the West are those that are controlled by the big corporate interests and big money interests, and such people belong to international organizations meaning the mainstream parties. The fact is there are so many more issues than just the prism which many on here equate being PC or being a pro-Muslim sympathizer. Don’t forget that wages have been stable or going lower since 1980. Jobs are getting more and more scarce. Manufacturing is all but gone. Corporations control nearly everything. Free trade, deregulation and massive tax cuts have caused these great wealth disparities. Also following US style capitalism has done this to the West. We need state capitalism and a return to each state being its own nation-state rather than all nations being the same. The only ones to blame are the major parties. The financial crisis didn’t begin from being PC or being a pro-Muslim sympathizer. It began from reckless greed and no enforcement of the laws. You must think that we don’t watch the news. I know what has gone on since 2008 or even 2000 for that matter. Blame the political class and the mainstream not the average person. Most people nowadays shouldn’t care about left / right but about fixing the nation-states!

  • Clausewitz

    The left are totally unwilling to take the New Testament and the Old for the historical documents that they are. They also have no concept of the word faith since all of their leaders have continually let them down by murdering and pillaging as the power hungry bastards they were.

  • zandi

    That’s because Jesus did not live in Judea and Samaria. He lived most of his life in the Galileah and was only a teacher to the lost sheep of Israel. Not for mankind!

    same goes for temple mount! it’s never been in Jerusalem!

    • zandi

      that’s why it is said that Jesus is a Palestinian!

      • A Jewish carpenter Palestinian mentioned not only in the Bible but in the Talmud, Tacitus and Josephus whose mother was also Jewish.


    • Frau Katze

      The Temple Mount is in Jersualem. You’re making ridiculous statements.

      You’re view of Jesus your own opinion but not about something as well established as the Temple Mount.

      You’re trying patience sorely. Being a Muslim does not give you leave make blatant untrue statements. This the second time you’ve done this.

      • zandi

        Temple Mount was by the sea. Solomon was given the miracle to control the wind from his throne which was in his Kingdom facing the sea.

        • Is the location of the Temple Mount one of those things that the Bible is lying about because it’s been altered by the Zionists?

  • zandi

    that’s because he was nit from judea samaria. He lived in the Gallileah. Plus he was guidance to the lost sheep of Israel only and not mankind.

    i guess this confirms what the Quran says: that Jesus was nit tortured or crucified!

    same goes for temple mount. it was never in Jerusalem. The Israelites wondered the desert for 40 days in arabia near Mount Moses, a closed military area currently with no public access.

    • zandi

      this explains why to present day no archeological facts were found in the Sinai to prove that the Israelites wondered there for 40 days.

      • Ferret

        The Quran also says that Allah threw meteors at demons. Yeah right …..

      • trespasserswill

        … 40 years you doofus.

        • Jesus wandered in the desert for forty days but then again He was Jewish, so….

    • Minicapt

      Mohammed told you this, I presume.


    • Is the the same Koran that was written by ONE man and not in any particular order?

  • zandi

    oh my! Spencer doesn’t know how to investigate historical facts. no wonder why he had no scolarly reviewed work!

    indeed there were no conquests inspired by the quran, Spencer! the story according to the Coptic church is that the arab christians were persecuted by the Byzantines. 500 years after Christianity, a scism occurrnd in the orthodox church over the nature of jesus, which lead the byzantines to exile the coptic leader and impose hefty poll taxes.

    the Copts and arab christians heard of the rising powerful Arabs and allied themselves with them.

    And it was under the leadership of Omar with the help of arab Christians that the Byzantines were forced out.

    Since arab christians had no army since they were ruled by the byzantines, the muslim arabs provided protection in exchange for a poll tax that the copt leader decide on.

    hence it was arab conquest and not muslim.

    plus, the srab tribes mentioned by Spencer wre tribes that existed in the levant pre Christ time by centuries. After the rise of Christianity, they have adopted Christianity. duh, the Saracen thst Spencers speaks of were Arabs, not muslims, but by the time of Muhammed, these tribes had assimilated.

    muslims who believe in the concept of jihad and conquests are like christians who believe in Zionism. both misinterpretation of holy books.

    • zandi

      the poll tax that was set by the copts to pay the muslim arab in exchange of protection since they were unarmed people is the gyzia.

      This information i mentioned come from “the history of the coptic church” published by the Coptic church authority and written by a famous Coptic historian fir the church.

      out of curiosity, how did spencer study ancient arab history without fluency in the language of these literature? a fact that he’s a bigus scholar for idiots

      • I think I’d like the name of this “famous Coptic historian fir the church”, zandi, if that isn’t too much to ask. I must say, though, once the Muslim army has moved in and is collecting jizya – sorry, “poll tax” – well, that kind of sounds like a Muslim conquest to me. I guess you’re kind of trying to suggest that they invaded as a favour to the Copts or something, aren’t you?

      • Minicapt

        Because the ancient history of the Arabs is not written in Arabic. That which you think of as ‘history’ has been concocted by history illiterates such as Eddy Said doing the past 50-75 years.


      • G

        Wow Zandi! You MUST be a muslim.
        1) You’re damned near hysterical. (Does emotional control always elude you people?)

        2) You simply can’t stfu. Is it even POSSIBLE for you dicks to express your views succinctly?

    • Minicapt

      Interesting how your Coptic history citations fill in for the absent ‘history of the Arab people’.


    • Frau Katze

      There was a schism, but jizya (poll taxes) are an Islamic feature. I’ve read a lot about the early history of Christianity and I’ve never of charging jizya. This likely fabricated by Muslims.

  • disqus_PwGxBXHn8l

    The critical question is always, what will a person accept as evidence? Documentary evidence of Jesus, from friendly and hostile sources, appears quite early, as does a clear canonical tradition about him.

    Most of his key early followers were martyred, which suggests they believed what they were saying. It’s not at all clear what benefit anyone was getting out of the story unless they did believe it at dates when it was still verifiable. Whether they were wise to do so is a perennial, separate question.

    But from all points of view, the most economical thesis is that Jesus did exist. One could say the same about Mohammed and Socrates. All the alternative theses I have heard depend too much on conspiratorial thinking, not enough on likely patterns of unfolding events. Denyse O’Leary, Ottawa

    • Frau Katze

      I agree with you.

  • Brett_McS

    One amusing oversight in the Arab’s (much) later concoction of Mohammad’s ‘life history’ was due to the fact that they had stopped the use of leap months (to account for the lunar-based calendar) just around the time given for Mo’s death. So all but a few years of Mo’s life history included leap months. But the elaborate life history developed over a hundred years later – when the use of leap months had been obviously long forgotten – includes no incident at all from any of these leap months, even though the ‘life history’ has something going on virtually every day of every (non-leap) month.

    Of course this doesn’t prove that Mohammad didn’t exist – how would one prove that, anyway? – but it is bit more than a tad suggestive of the idea that he is an invention … and one obviously created for the purpose of binding together the Arab’s new empire with a central political/religious figure. It’s all rather Mel Brooks-ish.

  • Denis George Miller

    I guess Tacitus wasn’t a Roman historian them. He mentioned Jesus specifically.

    • Jay Currie

      Or Josepheus.

      As well, the long spread of Islam by invasion and the sword is well established. The middle eastern reality that Jerusalem and indeed the Levant in general was inhabited by Christians – of various denominations – and Jews and an assortment of pagans pre-Mo is also well established. Where the Islamists get the idea that they have some, much less an exclusive, right to the Holy Land is mysterious. It smacks of the “we stole it fair and square” logic of invaders through out history. A logic which only works if you have the raw power to defend it.

      • I believe you and Denis have won the Internet.

      • Brett_McS

        Yet with all this conquest and invasion there is not one mention of Mohammad by either the conquerors or the conquered. The first mention of Mo is at least a hundred years later.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Salon isn’t sure the Holocaust happened either.

  • jayme

    The left in Ottawa says anything Christianity should not be ain a public building but Muslim pray rooms are fine.

    • Frau Katze

      It makes all kind of sense! 😉