Pakistani School Massacre Planner Is Killed

The alleged planner of the Peshawar school massacre has been killed in a shootout, a Pakistani official has said.

The commander was killed on Thursday night in the hour-long gunfight with security forces in the restive Khyber tribal area, which borders the northwestern city of Peshawar, police said.

The militant was known only as Saddam. His six accomplices were injured and arrested in the shootout, said Shahab Ali Shah, head of the local police administration.

Authorities are currently interrogating the six, he said.

On 16 December, Taliban militants strapped with explosives broke into a military-run school in Peshawar, and killed 148 people, including 132 children.

  • The__Hammer

    And the world is better off without him

  • Just a thought

    When you out-crazy the crazies who support you, something’s gotta give.

    • winniec

      They aren’t ‘crazy’…they are true believers in this obscurantist Death Cult. They believe as much as you believe in the law of gravity. Those who believe more intensely are the ones who win.

      How much do we believe in freedom? Sadly, the West is lacking in belief, except in our own post-colonial guilt.

      • Just a thought

        When beliefs are incompatible with reality, it’s at least a sign that the “believers” aren’t all there.

        You raise an excellent point…
        The West has empirical proof that freedom works, but is abandoning it.
        The Leftists are conning us into embracing “post-colonial guilt,” and things are beginning to fall apart.

        Abandoning what works for what doesn’t is folly. Persisting against all evidence to the contrary is crazy.

  • Just a thought

    RE – That picture

    Looks like they are using someone’s coffee table fore a bier? Made me think it could be an ad: “For all your funerary and terror furniture needs, shop Ikilla.”