Invaders, er, I mean migrants, some of them Muslims, find homes in Italian convents

Migrants Invaders arriving in Sicily in July 2014. Note the Islamic dress of the women. Photo: Giovanni Isolino/AFP 

Catholic convents and other institutions in Italy have responded enthusiastically to Pope Francis’ appeal to thrown open their doors to aid the wave of refugees invaders landing in the country from Syria, Iraq and African nations.

According to a report in La Repubblica, around 15,000 immigrants invaders have been welcomed by convents, parishes and charities since the Pope urged them to take action in October last year.

“After the tragedy in Lampedusa and Francis’ appeal, religious institutions, parishes and families made 15,000 places available,” said Monsignor Gian Carlo Perego, who heads the Catholic charity Fondazione Migrantes .

“The commitment of the Italian church in favour of asylum seekers and refugees invaders has intensified in recent years”…

  • Rosenmops

    Before long they will be raping the nuns.

  • Oh dear…

    When these guys start using these convents as toilets, when will their minds be changed?

    • Rosenmops

      And to slaughter goats.

    • Pretty soon I suspect.

      • They used the Church of the Nativity as a toilet. Churches in Rome are crammed to the rafters with relics and other history, none of which will be protected.

    • Pete_Brewster

      As long as he’s allowed hang on to his money the number of damns the Pope of Rome will give is exactly zero.

      As for the nuns, we all know how old most of them are. They’ll be gone to whatever is in store for them by the time the Islamic Republic of Italy is declared.

      I’m sorry, Osumashi. If none of this convinces you of how little a friend the Church of Rome is of human freedom or even Christianity, I can’t think what would.

      • You don’t understand Catholics or Catholicism or the Pope. You still hang onto ridiculous outdated notions that the Pope sleeps on a bed of money and worships idol, ect. One could tell you how these convents were once hiding places for Italian Jews thanks to Pope Pius’ efforts but you don’t care.

        You barely touch on the aging clergy crisis in Europe and North America forgetting that in Asia and Africa places like those are filled and are target for the resident Islamists there. If these clergy cannot protect themselves, the ones in Italy have no business opening their doors to them.

        Pope Francis does not understand what Pope Emeritus Benedict did. Big problem.

  • Mickey Oberman

    Convents and nunneries into mosques and madrassas.

    Just dispose of present occupants in usual Islamic ways – rape and murder.

    More internal intifada.

    Vatican City beware you too are on their must have list.

  • WalterBannon

    Time for a new inquisition, and maybe start with interrogating this blasphemous pope

    • Pete_Brewster

      A new Reformation would be preferable.

      • There was no reformation before as people started their own sects. Any other sect would be targeted by Islamists.

    • Ask him when was the last time he spoke to Pope Emeritus Benedict, the guy who knows firsthand what Islamism can do.

  • Blacksmith

    It is always scary how mind numbingly stupid people can be, they live their lives with their heads in the sand. They may not even wake up before they are killed.

  • Pete_Brewster

    Methinks the Reformation is overdue in Italy. Rome’s dispensing of the pretense of defending the Christian faith is as good a cue as any.