Invaders, er, I mean migrants, some of them Muslims, find homes in Italian convents

Migrants Invaders arriving in Sicily in July 2014. Note the Islamic dress of the women. Photo: Giovanni Isolino/AFP 

Catholic convents and other institutions in Italy have responded enthusiastically to Pope Francis’ appeal to thrown open their doors to aid the wave of refugees invaders landing in the country from Syria, Iraq and African nations.

According to a report in La Repubblica, around 15,000 immigrants invaders have been welcomed by convents, parishes and charities since the Pope urged them to take action in October last year.

“After the tragedy in Lampedusa and Francis’ appeal, religious institutions, parishes and families made 15,000 places available,” said Monsignor Gian Carlo Perego, who heads the Catholic charity Fondazione Migrantes .

“The commitment of the Italian church in favour of asylum seekers and refugees invaders has intensified in recent years”…