Germany: Delightful Muslim Children Attack Christmas Eve Service With Shouts Of “Shit Christians”

NB: Google Translate Pastor seeks talks with parents and teachers of troublemakers

The group went on a rampage eyewitness accounts in the church and called “shit-Christians.” The sexton could hold two of the five interferers. 15.20 clock against the police was informed about the incident. At the parking lot of a McDonald’s restaurants a police patrol took the two detained children and gave them to the parents.

In an interview with the parents of two children, officials were able to determine the identity of the other three troublemakers. These were two children and a 14-year-olds. On Religion Zug Subjection of interferers, the police made no public information.

Whether it was a deliberate action to disrupt worship on Christmas Eve or a thoughtless prank children in the incident, would not comment on a police spokesman.

Via Pam Geller and Jihad Watch Germany

Muslim children attack Christmas eve service