“Exceptional Depravity” in California – A double murder in Davis offers vital lessons for juvenile justice reformers.

On December 12, Yolo County, California, Superior Court Judge David Reed sentenced 17-year-old convicted murderer Daniel Marsh to 52 years-to-life in state prison. Judge Reed rejected Marsh’s lawyer’s contention that such a term, even with possibility of parole, would constitute cruel and unusual punishment. The circumstances of the crime and Marsh’s sentencing raise questions about juvenile justice in the Golden State.

Marsh was just 15 years old on April 14, 2013, when he broke into the Davis home of 87 year-old Oliver “Chip” Northup, an attorney and popular bluegrass musician, and his 76 year-old wife, Claudia Maupin, a pastoral associate at the Davis Unitarian church where the couple met. An early report from Davis police said Marsh killed the couple “in way that manifested exceptional depravity.” As testimony at Marsh’s lengthy trial confirmed, this was no exaggeration. Psychologist James Rokop called Marsh a sexual sadist who killed solely to gratify himself. Victoria Hurd, Claudia Maupin’s daughter, told the court that an expert had to restore her mother’s body before she could see it, “just so we could hold her hand and kiss her goodbye.” Marsh “terrorized, tortured” and was “sadistic and without remorse,” continuing to attack Claudia after she pleaded for him to stop.

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  • Minicapt

    Will Justin be able to explain how the convicted juvenile was ‘hard done by’ by the robotic killer judge?


  • barryjr

    Coming soon to a Canadian city near you. You can thank Justin Sr. for the young punks we have now.

  • Rosenmops

    Very scary that this punk will be let out some day. Reminds me of those two juveniles in Victoria who tortured and murdered Kimberly Proctor. They will be eligible for parole in a few years and one of them has already been moved to a medium security prison . These sick fckers should never be allowed back into society.


  • WalterBannon

    he should have been shot like a rabid dog

  • Blacksmith

    I don’t know the details but 52 to life sounds like an easy sentence to me. This POS needs removed from the gene pool permanently.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Like in most Eurocratic states he’ll be released in 15-18 years, tops.

  • First of all, what kind of family does this Marsh come from? Evil doesn’t just occur in a vacuum. It develops over years.

    Secondly, what kind of people would support this psychopath? Just as Marsh indulged in his evil, others enabled him.