Cat Snatch Gang Rumbled By Pet Owners

More than 1,000 stolen cats have been freed in northeast China after local police arrested a group suspected of stealing the cats and planning to sell their fur and meat.

Police in Liaoning Province said the cats – both wild and domestic – are thought to have been stolen by six people from other provinces who intended to traffic the animals to other places as food and clothing materials.

  • marty_p

    So in rural China, I could take my date (wearing her new cat fur coat) for a lovely cat meat on rice dinner! Yum 😉

  • Just a thought

    The domestic ones I think I understand, but how does one “steal” a “wild” cat.

  • New Centurion

    I knew it! Sweet and sour “chicken” balls…my ass!

    • ntt1

      kinsella was never fooled .

  • gainny

    Increasing pet ownership in China is a wonderful sign of increasing prosperity and progress in the heart’s warmth, so that people can see cats and dogs as companions rather than meat. A country until recently so poor and famine-ridden that its people would eat anything can now afford pets.