Atheist explains why he pans Judaism and Christianity but not Islam

…I published my debut book God Hates You. Hate Him Back, which summarises each chapter of the Bible – with the intent of demonstrating the vengeful, capricious nature of the Hebrew God, as portrayed in the Old Testament. In 2010, Jesus Lied. He Was Only Human, examined the irreconcilable discrepancies and historical flaws of the New Testament. Both books are hard-hitting critiques of the Christian and Jewish faiths. Both received mostly glowing reviews, and both enjoyed the number one Amazon ranking, at some stage or another, for the category of atheism.

There was now only one elephant left in the room: Islam.

To make a long story short – Koran Curious: a Guide for Infidels and Believers (2011) was panned by New Atheists. “Werleman has lost his mojo,” “Koran Curious is cowardly apologetic,” and “Politically correct bologna” rank among the more complimentary reviews.

I had intended to be as scathing of the Koran as I had been with the Bible, but during the research phase of the project, it became glaringly obvious that New Atheists, like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens, and Islamophobes in general, like mass murderer Anders Breivik, were equally culpable of taking Koranic verses out of context as were terrorist groups like al-Qaeda, and fundamentalists like the Taliban and the Saudi mullahs.

I also discovered there were even more sinister forces at play – that groups like the Israel Lobby, neo-conservative think tanks, Big Oil, and US defence contractors proactively whip up public fear of Muslims to serve their respective agendas…

He sounds like an anti-Semite but his name, CJ Werleman, sounds Jewish.  He does not seem to have attracted the same attention as Dawkins, Harris or Hitchens. I have never of him before.

“Israel Lobby, neo-conservative think tanks, Big Oil and US defence contractors” — I have seen that mentality before. 

The article is from The Middle East Eye, which is highly sympathetic to Islam.  I rarely use it but the news is rather slow today.

He has also been accused of plagiarism.  (The article at the link also says he is a frequent contributor to Salon.)  There is more about the alleged plagiarism here.