UK: The NHS queue that ministers can’t ignore

It was the picture that said it all (shown above). Thirty patients stood shivering in a queue outside their GP surgery in the cold at dawn, in the desperate hope of getting an appointment.

In the wake of our front page picture yesterday, countless readers have come forward with their own depressing experiences of trying to visit a family doctor.

In total, there were 37.4 million failed attempts to book an appointment last year, affecting 4.7 million people. Others are getting consultations lasting two minutes!…

The situation is growing worse in Canada too. This illustrates a problem with immigration that our governments are ignoring: even if the immigrants themselves turn out to be excellent citizens there is such a thing as too many, too quickly.

Clearly the health care system in the UK cannot keep up with floods of EU migrants. This is true even if those migrants in the long term assimilate fine.

During the mass immigration to North American in late 19th and early 20th centuries it was less important: medicine was just beginning to actually help people at all. Other government services, like welfare and subsidized housing, were non-existent.

As usual, the wealthy elites are not affected. The UK has a parallel private system and the well-to-do use that.

With the new Obamacare in the US and determined efforts to legalize millions of currently illegal migrants, expect a deterioration in health care in the US too. Again, if you are wealthy it won’t be a problem.