This is different

Car-enthusiast cop Jeff Bloch has converted an abandoned Cessna aircraft into a car. Using parts from a Toyota van Jeff even takes the vehicle through drive throughs and fills up at petrol stations. The car reached top speeds of 70mph at a South Carolina race.

Picture: Barcroft Cars

From the UK Telegraph’s Photos of the Day.

  • I’d drive that!

    • Frau Katze

      I thought it was kind of cool looking.

    • Dana Garcia

      I’m reassured that the spirit of backyard mechanics and tinkerers lives on despite the popularity of digital gizmos sucking up a lot of creative oxygen.

  • Just a thought

    Can’t help thinking of this, wishing he’d chosen a better name… like “Enola Gay” Maybe?
    “Spirit Of Lemons”

    But, yeah, it’s pretty neat!