Sydney jihadist’s terror plans ‘involved killing people at random in Blue Mountains’

Sulayman Khalid, pictured on the SBS Insight program, has been charged with allegedly possessing documents outlining ‘potential Federal and State government entities for an attack’

Shocking details have emerged which suggest one of the two men arrested in counter terrorism raids on Tuesday allegedly planned to kill people at random in the Blue Mountains.

The National Security Committee was told about the alleged attacks as part of a briefing on the men’s broader terror plans shortly before they approved the Australian Federal Police’s raids in Sydney’s west.

It is thought that one of the men had planned to carry out guerrilla warfare in the Blue Mountains region – just outside Sydney – targeting and killing random people in the area’s bushland, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The two men arrested during the terror raids have both been charged and refused bail.

One of the men previously stormed off the set of a television program while wearing an Islamic State symbol.

Sulayman Khalid has been placed behind bars after he was charged with possessing documents listing potential targets for a terrorist attack.

Khalid, 20, from Regents Park in Sydney’s west, was formally refused bail in Parramatta Local Court…



  • WalterBannon

    Summary execution is all they deserve – due process should be suspended for Islamic terrorists.

    • Blacksmith

      Take them out to the bush and stake them out for the animals to eat.

      • UCSPanther

        I’d put them in a tank with a Box Jellyfish for a “friend”…

  • minuteman

    Muslims want to randomly kill people, but “Islamophobia” is some kind of vice? Seems more like a basic survival instinct to me.

  • Maurixio Garcia S

    The more violent terror attacks they cause to society the less changes of surviving they have here in the West ,the mosques and their prayings will become part of history.

  • Ferret

    I am a Blue Mountains local. Islam is dog’s vomit. Mohammed should have been drowned at birth. Khalid is behind bars. 🙂