Swedish mosque hit by arson

An arsonist set fire to a mosque in the Swedish town of Eskilstuna on Thursday, injuring five people, police said.

About 15 to 20 people were attending midday prayers in the mosque, located in the ground floor of a residential building, when the fire broke out on Christmas Day.

Local media footage showed smoke and flames billowing from the windows before firefighters put the blaze out.

The incident comes amid a fierce debate in Sweden over immigration policies.

  • Xavier
  • Minicapt

    “He thought is was a synagogue …”


  • Maggat

    Not all that nice, but… are some starting to wake up?

  • barryjr

    Somebody wanted to smoke some hams.

  • Werewolf

    What a shame…that it wasn’t completely destroyed.

  • Gary

    I wouldn’t be shocked if it was staged because here in Canada we are seeing fabricated vandalism to Mosques ever since 9/11 where NOT 1 person is arrested or even one Security video to prove it.
    The Pickering Mosque arson was a fraud to get sympathy and help by-pass Zoning laws to build their Mega-Mosque .
    It failed, the CAIR-linked Sunni mosque was only allowed to build a rec centre within the Codes just like every other faith .
    Sheema Khan loved to spew the bogus islamophobia and hate-crimes , but she never followed-up with any arrests and convictions because Mosques staged the attacks as to play the victim and blame the Joooos or Christians.
    CAIR Canada was proven to have ties to Hamas and Saudi funding .