Sorry history of tolerating the intolerant

AT first glance the connection between Sony last week pulling the comedy The Interview from our screens and the murders in Martin Place is not obvious. Yet both are explained by tolerating the intolerant, a deadly virus that has long infected the West.

Last Tuesday, when Australians woke to news that a gunman had murdered two innocent Australians in the name of Islam during a 16-hour hostage siege, we also woke to the lethal, horrifying cost of tolerating the intolerant. As much as we would prefer to put this behind us and get on with Christmas and a brand-new year, it pays to remember just how tolerant we are.

We allowed Iranian Man Haron Monis into our country on a business visa and then welcomed him as a political refugee. Charged with fraud at home, the Iranian government asked for him back. But we said no to the Iranians. When Monis wrote inexcusable letters to the families of soldiers who died in Afghanistan, describing them as pigs and Nazis, we excused that — delivering only a slap on the wrist of 300 hours of community service. Some called for his Australian citizenship to be revoked. We said no to that, too. We allowed Monis to remain an Australian citizen, a gift sought out by millions of refugees who are keen to embrace and respect Australia as an open, generous and free country.

  • A good illustration of the absurdity of tolerance of the intolerant.
    I must say that personally, in the last few years, seeing the ugliness and madness of the intolerance practiced by Moslems, I have become much more tolerant and careful not to be like them.

    • winniec

      Good on you, Avi. We should not think like them, speak like them or act like them. We are the vehicle of civilization. They are Bronze Age warriors in Death Cult. They need to be deprogrammed.

      • James Holmes A Left Wing Extre

        IDF deprogramming works best.

    • Blacksmith

      And give them no respect, they have not earned it. I never capitalize islam of muslim if I even type it correctly I usually refer to it in more derogatory terms as t deserves. Avoid them when you meet them in public and do not patronize any establishment that supports them in any way. This is the peaceful way to deal with them. I feel a little sorry for the businesses that will lose business because of this but there have to be sacrifices or we will pay a much heavier price in the long run.
      When good people no longer support this death cult and its adherents things will change. Tolerance is good only al long as it is reciprocated and all are tolerant. The leftist pisslamic alliance is the cause of most major problems in the world today.

  • winniec

    Man Haron Monis was like all totalitarians…Nazis or communists, for instance. They talk about it for years before they get up the determination to act out in a suicidal manner. Bronze age warriors seek a glorious death. As the delusion got stronger, no one tried to deprogram him. Such people should be taken off the street and put in deprogramming clinics where they are exposed to training films and lectures about how and why to leave this Death Cult. They need to understand that Islam was created by the caliphs for political purposes over 100 years after the death of the mysterious, unknowable Mohammed.

  • kononwa

    Thanks for the detailed insight into this madman.

    If I call for the impeachment for treason of Abbot, Rudd, Gillard, Howard, et alia, then in the blind eyes of officialdom I’ve committed an offence, and will be pursued by their treasonous bureaucracy till they cut out their pound of flesh. Yet this obviously dangerous lunatic can evade justice (with the assistance of greedy traitorous Ozzie lawyers) by playing the system as a victim, and escaping to kill the citizens of the land which offered him a safe haven, and escape from his crimes elsewhere.

    I still wonder how it’s a crime for me to openly call for Ozzies to fight our corrupt system, yet some irrationally-screaming uneducated monkey can brandish a sign in Sydney calling for my and your beheading. Why weren’t these crazies dragged out of the demo by our oh-so-vigilant fuzz and arrested for inciting terrorism? Evil is as Evil does!

    I await the knock on the door at 3:00am . . . .

    • James Holmes A Left Wing Extre

      They’re taking the piss …from their Estates and limosines

  • Barrington Minge

    May I just wish all the 7th century barbarians who are rampaging around the world in the name of a corrupt and brutal belief system a Very Merry Christmas indeed.

  • James Holmes A Left Wing Extre

    Never before – save for the Boston Tea Party – have average, law-abiding, western citizens been so inflamed by the maladroit attitudes of politicians and all levels of government; yet the outrageous behavior continues, the welcoming of terrorists (falsely identified as refugees) at the extreme expense of naturalized citizens remains unchecked.