Montreal: No bail for accused terrorism plotter Jeffrey Labelle

MONTREAL — Citing concerns about his conversion to Islam, a collection of knives and worries about his mental wellness, a judge denied Jeffrey Labelle bail on terrorism-related charges on Tuesday.

Judge Jean-Pierre Boyer also ordered Labelle to undergo a mental health evaluation.

The judge described Labelle’s conversion three years ago to Islam as “an Islam that permits him to do something grandiose.”

During the hearing, Labelle’s grandmother Sylvie had promised to watch over him should he be granted bail. She described a troubled boy with a violent upbringing, but not someone who would act out against others. However, the judge remained unconvinced.

After the hearing, defence lawyer Julie Bernier pointed out that Labelle was not arrested for any dangerous actions, but only based on police suspicions.

“Honestly, I personally thought he would be released,” she said.

“He doesn’t have the title of terrorist,” Bernier added. “He has behavior that seems to be related to that, but at this point, the police investigation did not mention that he is part of a terrorist organization”…

News flash! The latest ‘terror organization’ is Islamic State recruiting mentally ill and disaffected crackpots who like violence. No need to belong to anything. Just get out there and act.  Formal organizations are yesterday’s model.