Killing in the name of god must end

By Khaleel Mohammed:

“…It is not that senseless murder does not occur in the United States. After all, we have had our Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech and other examples of wanton violence. The difference, however, is that while the criminal acts in the U.S. are not generally committed in the name of religion, almost every single act of mass murder committed in the Muslim-majority countries has been — and continues to be perpetrated — in the name of God.

Instead of effective condemnation by Muslim leaders, acts of coreligionist violence are often met with double-talk that boggles the mind. As a professor of religion, and as a Muslim, I am often answered with the most puerile polemic when I confront those who apologize for Muslim atrocity.

I am told, for example, that the perpetrators are not true Muslims, or that the actions of a satanic few ought not tarnish the image of Islam.”