France in ‘Jihad Denial’ Over Attacks

A man drove his van into a crowded Christmas market in France injuring 11 people. This was the latest “lone wolf” attack in three days.

Earlier attacks this week in France on Sunday night saw a driver in Dijon go on a half an hour rampage, killing two people and another on Saturday night in Tours where an attacker slashed policemen with a knife before being shot.

In both of those attacks, witnesses said the perpetrator shouted “Allahu akbar” (God is great in Arabic).

Police are saying that this latest attack, in Nantes, was clearly inspired by the other two. However they are attempting to rule out Islamist terrorism as a motive, instead focusing on the history of mental illness of the perpetrator.

In a recent appearance on Fox News (see below), Clarion Project’s Ryan Mauro said that while mental illness may have played a role in the attacks, it doesn’t mean that the incident should not be looked at as a terrorist attack.

“Not every person that has mental instability yells ‘Allahu Akbar’ and then goes and rams their car into a crowd of civilians. The Islamist ideology, the concept of jihad, clearly was at play even if the person was mentally unstable” he commented. “It helped shape the results of that mental instability”…

I suspect they less in denial than in a panic to try to stop French citizens from associating Islam with terrorism.  It won’t work, of course.



  • Drunk_by_Noon

    They live in abject fear of their population putting 2 and 2 together.

  • Oracle9

    I would like to hear from the associations for mental health on this phenomenon of pinning the complete blame on the mentally ill. There is already a great stigma in society on the mentally ill, and the last thing we need is to promote the lie that there is an epidemic of mass-murdering mentally ill citizens. Unintended consequences, or perhaps it coincidentally fits with the eugenics-leaning social-engineering radical left?

    • tom_billesley

      Islam exploits the mentally ill for Jihad. That’s where the blame lies.

      • Oracle9

        If 80% or so of Muslims condone violence in the name of Islam, that’s over one out of 6 humans who are mentally ill, using the term ‘mental illness’. Even calling it a mental illness still serves to obfuscate and further confuse the secular liberal West. It’s not at all an effective approach to help the dhimmi populations get a handle on this.

  • Brett_McS

    They are ” in a panic to try to stop French citizens from associating Islam with terrorism” and to head off a certain rising party that has no trouble in making that connection. All too late I suspect.

    • Frau Katze

      I think so.

  • WalterBannon

    These idiot police should be charged with both malfeasance and obstruction of justice, and then fired for cause.

  • tom_billesley

    “Allahu Akbar” is arabic for “lone wolf” isn’t it?

    • Xavier

      That’s an anagram for “Baa Hula Lark”.

      Now tell me the first thing that brings to mind.

      Coincidence? I think not.

  • Xavier

    We need a term for the automatic rejection of religion as a cause for violence, barbarism, and murder.

    (whether conscious denial or not)