Elder of Ziyon: Former Egyptian Mufti claims Jew planted Gharqad trees in Red Sea resort

A Google image search for “gharqad tree” shows several images containing this widely believed crackpot hadith.

Hurghada-EgyptFormer Egyptian Mufti Ali Gomaa invented a novel theory…

…Ali Gomaa said on TV (Arabic) that the Egyptian Red Sea town of Hurghada was named after the “gharqad” tree, which was planted by Israelis during their occupation of the Sinai, so they would be protected by that tree.

There are a couple of problems with his theory.

For one, Israel never controlled Hurghada, which is on the other side of the Red Sea past Sharm el-Sheikh.

For another, Hurghada has been around for about a hundred years and was named way before Israel was reborn…

Notice how they assume that non-Muslims believe their bizarre ideas.