Denmark: “Famous” Piece Of Crap Sculpture Accidentally Mistaken For Actual Piece Of Crap & Scrapped

A sculpture by the renowned artist Anders Tinsbo has been accidentally removed from Nærum Ungdomsgård youth institution by Rudersdal municipality and destroyed.

The sculpture, which was erected in front of Nærum Ungdomsgård back in 1984 to mark the institution’s 25th anniversary, was removed after being mistaken for construction rubbish by municipality workers, who were clearing the area to make way for a new skateboarding and parkour park.

I say unreservedly, that is a piece of crap.

  • Just a thought

    Artistic “Justice” – LOL

  • Brett_McS

    Our High School Art class encountered a similar ‘sculpture’ during a tour of the small art galleries in Sydney, only it was smaller, made of wire and lying on the floor. We kept tripping over it and pushing it roughly aside – no one in our class knew it was meant to be art, it just looked like left-over junk. Another piece of ‘art’ was a row of light bulbs (lit) hanging from chords near a wall which had photos of similar bulbs being swung against the wall and exploding – so we did. They threw us out of that gallery, although I contend that the artist would have approved of our participatory appreciation.

    • Frau Katze


    • Just a thought

      I once went to an exhibit in Philidelphia, where there was a mattress on the floor, viewed through a very wide window. My fiancee and I climbed in, and lay down on the mattress, and for a few seconds became part of the art (wonder what diseases we unwittingly exposed ourselves to – yech.). I can’t imagine the “artist” not expecting someone to do that. It was actually quite fun, especially with other visitors looking at us. Don’t know if anyone else did it.

      • That sounds like fun.

        • Just a thought

          Yes. It was.

          Oh, and a part of the exhibit was a clock, set to 11:00, i.e., “the eleventh hour” . The whole thing “spoke” to us – “Don’t just stand there, DO something.” So we did. I wonder if that’s what the artist wanted?

          Oh, and as to humans as works of art, this self-made missing-link gets my vote for most original.

          Bourbon making grok sleepy. G’night.

          • David Murrell

            There was a great gag in one of the “Columbo” episodes, In the 1970s, where Columbo (Peter Falk) — in an art gallery — mistakes a heating vent, on the upper part of a wall, for a modern sculpture.

    • It was kinetic!

      • Just a thought

        I have relatives in Greenwich Kineticut. You don’t suppose they are art. …no, wait, he lived in Messychewsit. Nevermind.

        (Having my Bourbon now. I’ll bet that Iranian alcohol detector needle is spinning out of control.)

  • eMan14

    A hurricane could do a better job with a flagpole.

    • My cat makes better sculpture in his litter box.

      • eMan14

        LOL… and we all know some “artist” somewhere is or has done just that.

  • Frau Katze

    This is the correct response. It is a pile of junk, it is not art.

    • Canadian

      Nowadays, the line is sometimes verrrry thin between Art and junk.

      • This was razor thin.

        • Canadian

          I bet the “artist” got paid for that junk.

  • David Murrell

    Thanks for posting this! Funny, and great to read over the Christmas holiday!

  • lgeubank

    GIGO. Garbage is as garbage does (as Forrest Gump said?).

  • Blacksmith

    If that is are my scrap barrel in the shop must be worth millions…..