BBC reports Christmas Day attack by Al Shabab; fails to mention they’re Islamic jihadists

At least the BBC is consistent…in its utter dishonesty, its slavishness to political correctness, and its complete abandonment of basic journalistic standards.

In its report (retrieved here at 14.47 GMT, December 25) on the jihadist terror group Al-Shabab’s attack on Christmas Day on the African Union’s main military base near Mogadishu airport in Somalia, Britain’s state broadcaster — one of the most influential media outlets in the world — censored out all references to the fact that the group is Islamic, Islamist, jihadist or linked to Al-Qaeda.

Not one single word!

  • Denis George Miller

    At some point upset people are going to be treating these so-called journalists as the fifth column they really are. And shoot them on site!

  • Just a thought

    Mistook them for Ferguson protestors. Natural enough mistake, what with all the similarities.

  • Barrington Minge

    That’s our dear old Beeb for you. Never knowingly truthful!!

  • Quislings all