Australian editing videos for Islamic State

A BRIGHT young Sydney man who was making YouTube clips after school just over a year ago is now a member of Islamic State’s media unit, which has produced some of the most violent and disturbing footage ever seen.

The former electrical engineering student is believed to be the first Australian confirmed to be a member of the terrorist group’s propaganda unit, which is notorious for highly edited execution videos.

The man told The Australian he dropped out of university to travel to Syria in the past six months and confirmed he had joined the unit as a video editor in the oil rich province of Deir Ezzor, near the Iraqi border, where Islamic State, also known as ISIS, is fighting ­regime forces and committing bloody civilian killings. Since being assigned to work as a video editor, the man has seen beheadings of prisoners and airstrikes.

“I have a job, I live in a HQ, eat, sleep, work, hope an airstrike gets me so I can be Shaheed (martyred),” he said. “Pretty typical life.”