A drone for Christmas?

Britons given drones for Christmas have been warned they could face prosecution for flying them dangerously.

The gadgets have been one of this year’s must-have gifts, prompting the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to highlight strict rules that recreational users must follow after they were involved in a number of incidents and near-misses.

Fears that unmanned aircraft could pose a danger were heightened earlier this month after investigators revealed a drone came within 20ft of a passenger plane as it was about to land at Heathrow Airport.

You can buy them readily in Canada, however as I found out when researching laws governing their usage for a potential work application you may be setting yourself up for a world of hurt liability wise.

The expected range of municipal by-laws apply, restricting hobby fliers to licensed RC fields if they are allowed at all, and more important, Transport Canada has set strict limitations on their business use. You have to file a flight plan and have it approved in advance for commercial applications. The potential consequences of a flight gone wrong can sink you legally, think personal injury. Don’t expect to see news crews making use of them in Canada any time soon.

The US has similar restrictions, no telling when or if we will ever see Amazon’s proposed “delivery by drone”.