Two Canadian Jihadis – Gregory and Collin Gordon – Reported Killed In Syria

Isis: British jihadi and Canadian brothers ‘killed fighting for Islamic State’ in Syria

A British Algerian jihadist, fighting for Islamic State, has reportedly revealed on social media that three or more foreign fighters from IS have been killed fighting in Syria.

Abu Musab al-Jazairi tweeted: “May Allah accept my brothers from among the Shuhada (martyrs).” He named the fighters from Britain and Canada as “Abu Abdel Malik al-Britani, Abu Ibhahim al-Canadi & Abu Abdullah al-Canadi”

In a surprisingly emotive tweet, Abu Musab later wrote a personal tribute for his dead British friend, who he revealed he had known since they met at a training camp. “Ahh Abu Abdel Malik al-Britani. My brother since the times of muaskar. Always together. Insha’allah (God willing) reunion in Jannah (paradise) with all the brothers.”

The Canadian fighters are believed to be brothers Collin and Greg Gordon. The Gordon brothers reportedly left their home in Calgary and travelled to Syria in August 2014. They had only recently converted prior to joining IS’s fight in Iraq and Syria.

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Purported Twitter death announcement below

  • AmicusC

    good riddance.

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      Aww you beat me to it…

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      That is one good news. Now pray all other Canadians fighting for the jihadists suffer from the same fate.

  • BillyHW

    They converted and went over there because they wanted to rape little girls.

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    That’s too bad, …… they didn’t bring more friends with them.

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    good. two less to commit crimes back here.

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    A feel good story if I ever heard one.

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    Like having a special Xmas gift.

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    Now 144 virgins are going to get deflowered by these soldiers of allah

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      Don’t worry. They will have their virginity renewed by Allah.

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    Hope they enjoyed the non-alcoholic beer!

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    Merry Christmas!!!

  • chayisun

    From Calgary. Hate to mention race but not shocked they are black. Just surprised these thugs were from Calgary. Thought they might be from Jane and Finch in Toronto.

    Oh well, they went off to liberate Syria, behead some folks, rape some girls, shoot others. Typical muslim stuff. And now they are dead.

    LIfe is good. Well, not for them.

  • Jay Currie

    The IS childrens’ crusade serves a valuable Darwinian selection. Too bad so many innocents have to die in the process.

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    Probably a lie

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    Tell their mothers I hope they burn in hell sexually servicing goats for eternity.

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    Congratulations to Mayor Neshi and Imam Syad Souhy.


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