‘Time’: Let’s Teach About Islam in Our Schools

We Americans need to teach about Islam in our public schools.

This is essential because there exists in our country among all Americans—whether Jews, Christians, people of other faiths, or non-believers—a huge and profound ignorance about Islam.

It is not that stories about Islam are missing from our media; there is no shortage of voices prepared to tell us that fanaticism and intolerance are fundamental to Islamic religion, and that violence and even suicide bombing have deep Koranic roots. There is no lack of so-called experts who are eager to seize on any troubling statement by any Muslim thinker and pin it on Islam as a whole. Thus, it has been far too easy to spread the image of Islam as enemy, as terrorist, as the frightening unknown.

How did this happen?

Part of the reason is the ignorance to which I referred. Part of the reason is the relatively modest number of Muslims in our country, preventing most Americans from forming the kind of friendships with Muslims that foster tolerance and understanding…

‘Relatively modest number of Muslims in our country’: I guess the writer doesn’t read the news. The more Muslims a European country has, the more the population starts to rebel.

The article is written by a good dhimmi Reform Jew in the USA, who clearly does not read the news in France, where even the leftist Jews are getting seriously alarmed.

An acquaintance that includes carb-ques, high incidences of rapes and ‘grooming’, higher crimes rates and prisons overrun with Muslims does not exactly lend itself to the locals feeling better about their new Muslim neighbours.

And that is not including the new custom of driving cars into crowds, now trending in France.