‘Time’: Let’s Teach About Islam in Our Schools

We Americans need to teach about Islam in our public schools.

This is essential because there exists in our country among all Americans—whether Jews, Christians, people of other faiths, or non-believers—a huge and profound ignorance about Islam.

It is not that stories about Islam are missing from our media; there is no shortage of voices prepared to tell us that fanaticism and intolerance are fundamental to Islamic religion, and that violence and even suicide bombing have deep Koranic roots. There is no lack of so-called experts who are eager to seize on any troubling statement by any Muslim thinker and pin it on Islam as a whole. Thus, it has been far too easy to spread the image of Islam as enemy, as terrorist, as the frightening unknown.

How did this happen?

Part of the reason is the ignorance to which I referred. Part of the reason is the relatively modest number of Muslims in our country, preventing most Americans from forming the kind of friendships with Muslims that foster tolerance and understanding…

‘Relatively modest number of Muslims in our country’: I guess the writer doesn’t read the news. The more Muslims a European country has, the more the population starts to rebel.

The article is written by a good dhimmi Reform Jew in the USA, who clearly does not read the news in France, where even the leftist Jews are getting seriously alarmed.

An acquaintance that includes carb-ques, high incidences of rapes and ‘grooming’, higher crimes rates and prisons overrun with Muslims does not exactly lend itself to the locals feeling better about their new Muslim neighbours.

And that is not including the new custom of driving cars into crowds, now trending in France.



  • winniec

    Good thinking. Let’s teach our children ACCURATE facts about Islam:

    In the April 9, 2002 issue, The Wall Street Journal published the concept of
    blood money in Saudi Arabia. If a person has been killed or caused to die by another, the latter has to pay blood money or compensation, as follows.

    100,000 riyals if the victim is a Muslim man

    50,000 riyals if a Muslim woman

    50,000 riyals if a Christian man

    25,000 riyals if a Christian woman

    6,666 riyals if a Hindu man

    3,333 riyals if a Hindu woman

    According to this hierarchy, a Muslim man’s life is worth 33 times that of a Hindu woman. This hierarchy is based on the Islamic definition of human rights and is rooted in the Quran and Sharia (Islamic law). How can we talk of democracy when the concept of equality in Islam is nonexistent?

    • Frau Katze

      We can’t. It’s that simple.

  • winniec

    Let’s learn about Islam:

    According to Mohammed, Muslims and kafirs are inherently very unequal and the relationship between Muslims and kafirs is properly one of master and slave. According to Mohammed, a Muslim should be treated nicely and as the equal of another Muslim, whereas an infidel, being religiously and socially inferior to a Muslim, may be robbed, lied to, brutalized, enslaved, killed, raped and reduced in dignity and security to be finally reduced to be members of a permanent underclass economically exploited for the benefit of the Islamic community. Thus, the underlying principle of Mohammed’s ethics is the political supremacy of Muslims over those who reject Islam and opportunistic exploitation of ‘the other’. Therefore, Muslims should do whatever is expedient and convenient to enhance the expansion, triumph, political supremacy and the emolument of the Islamic state to the detriment of “others” and concomitantly they should do whatever is opportune for the gradual impoverishment, enfeeblement, defeat and eradication of the “kafirs” and their competing cultures, philosophies and religions. Islam’s political goal is the sudden or gradual removal of kafirs and their way of life

    • Frau Katze

      It’s a hideous cult.

  • Surele Surele

    How about: Let’s teach kids in schools, oh… what do you call it? Math? Lit? Eng? History (the whole thing)… a novel idea, no?

    • Martin B

      Whitewashing Islam takes priority.

      • Raymond Hietapakka

        You can’t polish a turd.

  • Gary

    It’s amazing how the media tries to purge a News story of any link to islam but by doing that the reader now infers that the vague reporting using the W3 and leaving out Who and Why is now PC-Speak for a Muslim and the islamic motivation. Classic example was the Farah Khan honour killing by her Pakistani Parents that came to Canada with their story that they wanted a safe and peaceful place to raise their Daughter away from THOSE bad people in Pakistan.
    Once in Canada Daddy Dearest accused his new wife of having Farah by a another man outside of her last Marriage.
    They hack up little Farah and put her parts in bags to be taken down to a water front Park just West of Toronto and buried them.
    When the case hit the Media there was no mention of the “M-word” for a long time along with the Sharia Law inspired motive that was imported to our soil.

    Finally during the actual Court trial the reports became Public and then we heard the motive but it was still void of a Sharia Law murder .

    The recent example was the Shafia drownings where the 4 muslim women
    were forced into their minivan and then Daddy Dearest plus the #1 Son used their vehicle to push the van into a canal Lock system .
    The first reports made no sense, but later on when the dead were 4 females the Feminists were the first ones in to cry Misogyny and blame men for it.
    As we saw , it was another Quran/Sharia inspired Honour killing by immigrants from Afghanistan .

    What i find very dangerous right now is not only the alliances with islamists that the Leftist liberal Feminist Gay org.’s have that will be the first groups killed off under the Hamas/ISIS Shariah law , but it’s the upside-down World from Liberalism in general where the recent Riots and Cop killings has ties to islamic org.’s . There are some Blacks bent on seeing a Racist behind every bush or door, and there are some Muslims seeing islamophobes behind every bush and door.
    But somehow the Media ignores how Michael Brown assaulted and robbed a BROWN immigrant while the Black Muslim in New York executed an Asian and Latino Officer when this whole anti-West/White injustice is what the Media reports.
    So , the Liberal brain filters out all the evidence and facts that just clutter-up their logic to solve this , we now see that bring the Homophobic/ Misogynistic/Racist Sharia law islamic teachings into the Public school will fix everything as if the real problem is White/male/Christians hanging gays in Iran, murdering Black Muslim in Africa, sanctioning Child-bride pedophilia in Iran Saudi Arabia and Gaza , and driving cars into crowds of Black Muslims in France and the USA.

    It’s just as insane as driving to your Doctor’s Office every 2 weeks and they see a growth in your Cancerous lump , so rather than focus on the actually cancer , the Doctor tells you to stop Driving since that’s the obvious constant for the growth which they assume will stop and heal thy self.

  • Jay Currie

    Yes let’s; but start with the Koran and the happy wanderings of the Prophet in Arabia. Nothing like that conversion by the sword thing. And give the kiddies a bit of information about who was living in Arabia before Islam. And perhaps a few words about the Christian and Jewish nature of the Middle East pre-800. (We’d make sure they knew about the non-existence of Muslim “Palestinians” and why the Crusades were launched to protect the Holy Land from Muslim invaders.)

    And so on. The key thing will be to teach the little tykes about the Wahabbi Reformation and the enlightened views of the Safalists.

    You know, root causes.

    The fun thing is that our little home school this is, in fact, taught. Then again we also touch on the pleasant practices of Canada’s First Nations prior to the coming of the White Man.

    • Frau Katze

      Public schools of course will bend over backwards to make Islam look terrific and us (whites of Euro ancestry) are root of all evil.

      Then they wonder the kids taught this are angry (apparently leftist teachers in France INSISTED on a curriculum giving an extremely negative of the French of North Africa). These stupid leftists are gathering kindling, pouring on the accelerant, getting ready to light the match.

      I suspect the leftists actually enjoy the mayhem.

  • Martin B

    “Part of the reason is the relatively modest number of Muslims in our country, preventing most Americans from forming the kind of friendships with Muslims that foster tolerance and understanding”

    Oh if only there were 100 million Muzz in America, then there would be peace, tolerance and understanding!

  • The following telling statistical commentary is drawn from
    Colin McEvedy’s The Penguin Atlas of Modern History (vol. 3 of an excellent
    four vol. series).
    “For literacy, the obvious quantification is the percentage
    of the population that can read and write. If we had figures for the period
    1500-1815 they would probably show a rise from around 5 per cent to around 50
    per cent of adult males in North Europe. An alternative and more reliable
    quantification is provided by the rise of the book trade. The number of titles
    published per year, which was around 1,000 at the end of the fifteenth century,
    had passed the 2,000 mark by the end of the sixteenth. By 1815 it was ten times
    greater than this: the production rate being around 20,000 titles per year.
    This series in fact shows up the difference between modern
    and medieval societies better than the figures for literacy. Take, for example,
    the comparative figures for a non-progressive state like Turkey. Constantinople got its first printing press
    in 1726; up to 1815 the total number of titles produced in this, Islam’s
    premier city, was sixty-three. This is equivalent to an annual rate of less
    than one. The literacy gap between Europe and Turkey (50 per cent and 5
    percent) involves a factor of ten, the publication rate a factor of 10,000. A
    gap of this size is really an absolute difference, and an absolute difference
    in terms of social growth is what existed.
    The fact that Constantinople’s only printing press was
    closed down from 1730 to 1780 and again in 1800 shows that the difference is
    not to do with technology of printing but with society’s need for the product.
    The invention was not only made in Europe (which could possibly be a accident):
    it succeeded there.”

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Eric, you’re so f***ing pathetic. No sound bite interviews from you, your head is buried so far up your arse, no microphone can pick up the sound of your lies….