Pro-Israel Groups Ship SodaStream to Harvard Leaders Following Ban

Two new Israeli-made SodaStream machines have been shipped to Harvard’s top brass following the school’s decision to ban the product and economically boycott the Jewish state, the Washington Free Beacon has learned.

Pro-Israel activists on Tuesday shipped two of the soda-making devices to Harvard President Drew Faust and dining services head David Davidson following the elite university’s decision to boycott the Israeli product due to pressure from pro-Palestinian group on campus.

The stunt is being viewed as a shot across the bow to Harvard leadership on the heels of its controversial decision to cut ties with SodaStream, which is jointly manufactured in Israeli territory by Jewish and Palestinian workers.

  • ontario john

    To united church members, please remember that soda stream is on the list of banned products from Israel from united church headquarters. And Happy Winter Solstice to the united church as they gather around the winter solstice holiday tree and discuss the plight of indians and gays.

    • Denis George Miller

      I is no wonder that the United Church has lost soooo many of its parishioners in the last 15 years. Gone from a good stable church following God’s laws to a basket case of political correctness. Not a Christian church anymore!

    • David Murrell

      LoL !

  • David Murrell

    Excuse my dumbness for a dunb question, but didn’t an earlier BCF-post on the Harvard ban-Jewish-products post, state that a senior Harvard official overturned this anti-Sodastream move? I thought this was settled in Israel’s favour. Just asking.

    • David

      Harvard University’s ban on Israeli-made SodaStream machines on campus enacted at the request of pro-Palestinian student groups has now all but fizzled out.

      University President Drew Faust and Provost Alan Garber reversed the Ivy League school’s decision to cut ties with SodaStream last week after learning that Harvard University Dining Services (HUDS) had banned SodaStream products from campus because the company has a plant in the hotly contested West Bank territory

      from Daily Mail

    • Minicapt

      It would appear that the action might have originated on 16 Dec, not 23 Dec. And then the Beacon neglected to adjust the references to “Tuesday” in the article.