A new trend in men’s fashion: the lumbersexual look. Is this really what women are looking for?

  • James Holmes A Left Wing Extre


  • tom_billesley

    I couldn’t resist. Here’s Mony Python and the Lumberjack Song.

    Merry Christmas everyone.

    • Perfect;)

    • James Holmes A Left Wing Extre

      Merry Christmas to you and yours ! Hugzzz ? Not. Haha

    • Just a thought

      Beat me to it. Oldie but goodie.

  • J. C.

    That’s what happens when boys are raised in single-feminist mother households…

  • Maxsteele

    If Faith Goldie is into it I will walk around with a big beard, plaid shirt, tight jeans and a two headed axe in one hand and a chainsaw in the other singing the lumberjack song. 🙂

    • Jason

      She’s great, isn’t she? A strong, passionate conservative … and kind of easy on the eyes! I made sure to write down her list ….

  • ontario john

    Is that when Premier Wynne dresses up for Christmas?

    • Raymond Hietapakka

  • Hard Little Machine
  • Raymond Hietapakka
  • Minicapt

    If you’re from New York City, Los Angeles, Frisco … when metrosexual lacks satisfaction, and your exquisite taste in fine clothing needs a manly boost …