Islam, asylum, immigration and Western security

In the Western world today, the right to asylum appears to be based, not on democratic consent (opinion polls show the vast majority of Western people to be against uncontrolled immigration) but on universal legal principles interpreted by a non-elected liberal caste whose opinions are beyond the democratic voice.

  • Just a thought

    Caution. The sharp edges on the knife have nothing to do with the muslim trying to cut your head off with it.

    • That should be stamped on every knife once we have the Knife Registry set up.

  • Frau Katze

    The elite crowd will stamp out the anti-immigration movement. i’m as pessimist. They are too wealthy and influential. We are just scum. Democracy and individual rights are under attack and the other side is winning.

    And perhaps the most important question of all: do the rights of asylum seekers trump the security and welfare rights of the host community?

    Expect no change until the lifestyle of elite crowd is threatened.

    • ntt1

      that is the problem in Britain, the elite are bewidered by the rejection of their policies and living as they do behind gated communities or vey exclusive squares in london, they never see the overwhelming hordes of immigrants so they can’t possibly see it as a problem.

  • cmh

    in other words, it’s the supreme court that is running this country, not harper.