Heading for a Jew-Free Turkey

At the beginning of the 20th century, there were about 200,000 Jews in Turkish lands – when the entire population was barely 10 million. Today, the Turkish population has reached 77 million – and there are fewer than 17,000 Jews.

Moris Gabay, a Turkish Jewish writer for Salom, the Istanbul Jewish newspaper, recently wrote in his column, “Are Turkish Jews Leaving?:” “We face threats, attacks and harassment every day. Hope is fading. Is it necessary for a ‘Hrant among us’ to be shot in order for the government, the opposition, civil society, our neighbors and jurists to see this?” ‘Hrant’ whom he referred to is Hrant Dink, a Turkish Armenian journalist who was shot dead in 2007 by a gang of nationalist Turks.

On Dec. 15, the Turkish liberal daily Radikal interviewed Gabay, who started by showing Radikal’s reporter dozens of threats and hate messages he has received through Twitter, Facebook and mail messages. “This is almost daily,” he said.

  • Justin

    The Jews better leave Turkey NOW. There is a firestorm of religious genocidal jihad which has already started and which is going to intensify in the islamic world.

  • Blacksmith

    Turkey has been an islamist shithole for the last half decade or more. Before that it was only a moderately islamist shithole.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Once Turkey is admitted to the Schengen Area Agreement and Turks can freely move to most of Europe unhindered, Europe will no longer be a safe place for Jews either, not that it is now. So Turkish Jews should consider making aliyah or moving to the western hemisphere.