Gallia Watch: Population replacement in France in two photos

Christmas, 1964 at Élysée

X-mas at Elysée 2014-2Christmas, 2014 at Élysée

Gallia Watch adds: Here are two photos symbolic of the great replacement of the population of France. They speak for themselves. I’ll only point out that the first one dates from December 1964 (many of you weren’t born; I had spent the first half of that year in France) and features Charles de Gaulle in a good mood with adoring young admirers, charmingly attired, eager for their Christmas gifts that were always chosen by Yvonne de Gaulle, the general’s wife.

The second shows a radical mutation. A grinning François Hollande rejects completely the white children of his country in favor of those of color. He must have done this deliberately, because surely there are still white children in France – he just doesn’t acknowledge their existence.

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