Eddy Greenspan Dies Aged 70

Toronto criminal lawyer Eddie Greenspan, Canada’s best known legal defender, has died at age 70.

h/t All who sent this in

  • Martin Luffa

    I hope he suffered and was in much pain to the end

    Too bad that he wasn’t assassinated for his evil

  • minuteman

    I won’t speak ill of the dead so I have nothing to say.

  • Gaylord Ponce

    He was an icon in legal circles. We are poorer for his passing.
    Shalom Eddie.

  • born_bred_canadian

    70 Isn’t that old now. Karma?

  • Gary

    I used to think that a Criminal lawyer was meant to help the Guilty plea their case for mercy and a light sentence . But boy was I wrong when in my teen years i saw how the Guilty used these Lawyers to paint the victims as the criminal or just outright LIED about what happened and force a dragged out Trial for the Judge to sift through the litter box for the biggest and best BS to side with.
    How pathetic we have become , and now the Politicians in Ontario copy the same tactic to deny deny deny and paint the victims as the criminals .