Christmas Comes but Once a Year

Christmas cartoons. Loved Rudolph as a kid, the Grinch and a Charlie Brown Christmas… many warm memories.

A Fleischer cartoon… Christmas Comes but Once a Year

Peace On Earth. Classic Christmas cartoon. MGM 1939. This is very well done.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer 1944 Christmas Cartoon

  • Mal

    Mind-bogglingly to me, “Christmas Comes But Once A Year” is in my twenty-odd year-old daughter’s top ten favourite Christmas animations. Her brothers liked it well enough; but it seemed to click with her to the point where I used to fear repercussions if my old videocassette cacked out. I was right tickled to find a cheapo DVD that included about a dozen of the old Christmas cartoons.
    Here’s wishing a happy and healthy Christmas to Mr. & Mrs BCF (and sainted mother), the various Fiery/Furry Superintendents, and their many supporters that I have had the pleasure of reading lo these many years!

    • Thanks & Merry Christmas! It always funny what a person retains from childhood, why something can resonate over the years is often a mystery.

  • Reader