CCTV shows moment black teen, 18, raises and points loaded gun at St Louis cop before being shot dead

A black teenager has been shot dead by a police officer at a gas station only a few miles from where Michael Brown was killed in Ferguson, Missouri – and surveillance footage apparently shows him pointing his gun at the cop before he was killed.

The victim, named by his mother as Antonio Martin, 18, was killed at a Mobil gas station on North Hanley Road in Berkeley at about 11.15pm on Tuesday.

Toni Martin, who has disputed the police account of the killing, was heard crying ‘that’s my baby,’ as she pointed towards his body under a yellow sheet, while hundreds of people descended on the area, detonating explosives and throwing bricks at officers in protest of police brutality.

But speaking about the death on Wednesday morning, Berkeley Mayor Theodore Hoskins said that the incident should not draw comparisons with the death of Michael Brown, who was unarmed and whose death was not caught on camera. Mayor Hoskins, who himself is black, added that Berkeley has a predominantly black police force so his officers are more sensitive to race relations.

  • Martin B

    “That’s my baby!”

    If you’d raised your baby right, he wouldn’t have gone around pointing guns at policemen.

  • mauser 98

    ..more Fergadishu
    some nut set off fireworks at gas station

    “A crowd of 200 to 300 people gathered at the
    station after the shooting, and bricks and three fireworks were thrown,
    two of them at the roughly 50 officers at the scene”

  • chayisun

    This may not be politically correct and all but, what the hell, could it be that “person’s of colour” could be inherently violent ? It seems strange that so many of these people are being shot, not only by police officers but by other “person’s of colour.”

    You know, somewhat like the idiotic muslims. Both groups know how to play the race card, know how to riot, can shoot guns and are obviously all brain damaged.

    As for the mother, wonder which noble black welfare cheating pimp is the father?

  • Morticiaa

    Too bad they didn’t arrest the violent reactors to the shooting and throw them into prison drunk cells for 48 hours which is where they belong

  • ed

    a little bit of late xmas looting by the crowd , st.antonio pointing his stolen 9mm loaded klock automatic with filed off serial number at police officer ,all on cctv ,a wrap sheet at eighteen as long as a toilet roll , this is going to take some serious spin by the media , hey mom cancel the t-shirts !!!!

  • jayme

    The protesters had no idea who was at fault but with in what a hour they were ready to burn the place down.

  • minuteman

    I bet he was an aspiring rapper who was just getting his life back together.

  • Black mass hysteria. Based on a victim-hood lie.

    The media should not be part of the problem. But it is, because it refuses to tell the truth.

    When black young men quit killing black young men – we will all be better off.

    • jayme

      Obama and other leaders need to hold a joint press conference and say the riots must stop now.

      • Lloyd Snauwaert

        Why would Obama, Holder, Sharpton et al do that when this is exactly what they want..?..

  • mauser 98

    Fergadishu……Columbia U. whodathunkit

    “A disturbing editorial in a CUNY grad-student newspaper calls for rioters protesting the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown to arm themselves and wage violent war with cops.”

    • ntt1

      That is exactly what we are starting to see now, there were the two cops executed in their car now this idiot pointing a loaded gun at armed police. what did he think? that it was some kind of video game?

  • Blacksmith

    I am really trying to care that another thug is dead …….. But it aint working

  • Steve Eros

    They always pretend to be the greatest parents to the greatest kids AFTER they die. Reality almost always paints the opposite picture.

    • LauraS

      The minute this mother said her son was “trying to turn his life around,” I knew the cop’s version of events was true. No security footage needed. Tragic that a family is grieving the death, especially so close to Christmas, but I agree with you: effective parenting from a mother AND a father would have made all the difference. You reap what you sow.

    • Minicapt

      Such statements are useful in attracting the free services of useful lawyers who might generate sufficient cash to give the immediate family ‘closure’, for a couple months at least.


  • Steve Eros

    The solution is for all police, EMS and firefighters to leave the city. Businesses won’t be far behind and they will be left with a liberal paradise just like Detroit.

  • mauser 98

    ..Fergadishu.. shot by police
    #AntonioMartin ..criminal record including three assaults, armed robbery, armed criminal action & multiple uses of weapons since he was 17.

    • James Holmes A Left Wing Extre

      Single parent ; ‘He was a good boy, he din’t do nuffin’