The Islamization of France in 2014

According to a confidential French intelligence document leaked to Le Figaro, a form of Muslim ghettoization is gaining ground within the French school system. The report says that Muslim students are effectively establishing an Islamic parallel society completely cut off from non-Muslim students.

More than 1000 French supermarkets, including major chains such as Carrefour, have been selling Islamic books that openly call for jihad and the killing of non-Muslims.

A report estimates that 60% of the prison population in France, or 40,000 prisoners, are “culturally or originally” Muslim.

  • Waffle

    Excellent piece — the writing on the wall.

    It’s a sneak preview for Canada. Sadly, we will have to put our high-minded liberal values on hold while we go about the dirty business of ensuring that everyone who qualifies as a passport holder is truly on “our side” and pledges to uphold Canadian values. How does one devise such a test?

    As awful as it sounds, exclusion (no more, thanks) and expulsion seem to be the most viable of a variety of alternatives.
    Of course, it’s always interesting to see what effect expulsion can have on a society. Spain provides many examples. Ironically, after more than 500 years of expelling Toirah-observant Jews from the benefits of citizenship, the descendants of the Sephardim are being invited back.

    This is creating envy among the descendants of Muslim exiles of the early 1600’s (?1608). (of course!)

    • David Murrell

      And we have, in Canada, pro-Islam fellow travelers — like CBC News, the Star, the Globe and Mail, and Justin Trudeau’s Liberals — who do everything in their power to push the Muslim cause. These institutions will hasten the day when Islam takes over in Canada.

    • Justin

      As other spineless Westerners, the French have NOTHING to live for.
      They have to either commit ONE big mass suicide or they should become slaves for the millions of muslims who will soon conquer France.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Dust off the Guillotines. Gonna need em soon.

  • minuteman

    Wow, 60% of prison inmates are muslims. I guess one of the benefits of multiculturalism is job security for prison guards.

    • Linda1000

      That’s alarming if 60% = 40,000 muslim prisoners. The total number of all French prisoners would be around 67,000 for 60% or 40,000 to be muslim.

      • Waffle

        HI Linda — regarding fixing mistakes (like wrong pictures or videos), go into edit mode and cut the URL that will appear there instead of an image. Replace the cut with the image you want by pasting in the correct url. Save the edit and refresh a couple of times. I had to do this yesterday and it worked.

        • Linda1000

          Thanks, I think that it’s likely a problem with posting comments from a smart phone. Maybe I don’t even have the right version of Disqus on this phone. Editing seemed easier on my PC but it’s down with viruses right now. 🙂

  • RevnantDream

    Does the world need France anymore? They did this to themselves , you make a pig pen live in it.

    • I certainly would agree with most of what you say.

      Unfortunately we do need France.

      The West as a whole cannot afford to loose any Western state to Islam. The situation for the West as a whole is bad enough right now. If France succumbs to Islam there will be hell to pay.