Slain NYPD cop Rafael Ramos’s family FORGIVES assassin Ismaaiyl Brinsley

Residents and NYPD officers gather around a memorial during a vigil for the two murdered cops

unnamed-6The murdered officer Rafael Ramos and his wife

The family of an NYPD officer shot dead in broad daylight on Saturday has forgiven his murderer, a relative revealed.

Rafael Ramos’ cousin, Ronnie Gonzalez, insists their focus is on remembering the 40-year-old officer, father of two boys, rather than gunman Ismaaiyl Brinsley.

‘[Brinsley] in the hands of God now,’ Gonzalez told Pix11. ‘We don’t believe in vengeance, we just forgive.’

He added that Ramos was due to graduate as a chaplain this weekend…

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    The fools!
    I’ll say no more as they are grieving and not thinking clearly.

    • Frau Katze

      Likely evangelical Christians.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    …I’d be rolling in the grave if my relatives bent over like this, diddling themselves…

  • The de Blasio murders!

  • Alain

    It is not their right to forgive, for that right only belongs to the victim who is now dead. Being kind to the cruel ends up being cruel to the kind.