Shocker! Muslim writer Fahmeed Rahman caught lying in letter to the editor

I cannot comprehend how a fully grown adult can look straight in the eyes of children, see them cry and tremble in fear, yet feel no sense of shame, guilt or remorse and kill them point-blank. That was the case in Peshawar, Pakistan, where the Taliban killed 148 people, mostly children in their classrooms.

A group that claims to act in the name of Islam did this heinous and brutal crime, whilst the Quran clearly states that “whosoever kills an innocent person … it is as if they killed all of mankind.”

I grew up in Peshawar some 20 years ago and it was a peaceful city back then. My children living here dream of becoming doctors, teachers and engineers, while my brother’s children, who still live there, just dream of staying alive.

I strongly condemn these barbaric attacks on innocent children and my heartfelt condolences and earnest prayers go out to the victims of this tragic event.

Fahmeed Rahman, White Township, Indiana County

The writer is a member of the Muslim Writers Guild of America (


As seen above, the Koran makes that statement in a section describing what the prophets had commanded of the Jews.  This was never a statement intended for Muslims.