Shocker! Muslim writer Fahmeed Rahman caught lying in letter to the editor

I cannot comprehend how a fully grown adult can look straight in the eyes of children, see them cry and tremble in fear, yet feel no sense of shame, guilt or remorse and kill them point-blank. That was the case in Peshawar, Pakistan, where the Taliban killed 148 people, mostly children in their classrooms.

A group that claims to act in the name of Islam did this heinous and brutal crime, whilst the Quran clearly states that “whosoever kills an innocent person … it is as if they killed all of mankind.”

I grew up in Peshawar some 20 years ago and it was a peaceful city back then. My children living here dream of becoming doctors, teachers and engineers, while my brother’s children, who still live there, just dream of staying alive.

I strongly condemn these barbaric attacks on innocent children and my heartfelt condolences and earnest prayers go out to the victims of this tragic event.

Fahmeed Rahman, White Township, Indiana County

The writer is a member of the Muslim Writers Guild of America (


As seen above, the Koran makes that statement in a section describing what the prophets had commanded of the Jews.  This was never a statement intended for Muslims.

  • SDMatt

    He may not be lying: so many Muslims do not know Arabic, so many are so ignorant of their own book that this thing almost reactively gets cited by Mohammadans as one of the more redeeming qualities of their cult, and is usually brought out when a co-religionist has once again got on a killing spree and the looming danger is not those deaths but the harm it may do to the reputation of Islam.

    That’s when the kuffar like yourself has to step out and say “hey wait a minute dummies, this is a quote about the Jews. Allah was all about killing and you know it.”

    • Frau Katze

      He’s a writer by profession so I was harder on him than if he’d just been a Joe Average Muslim writing the letter.

      • Say No to Mo

        If we were to continue on to the following verses the distortion becomes even more extreme a we will soon find that in full context this passage is actual a full blown JIHAD text.

      • winniec

        He knows about abrogation as a writer, so he’s definitely lying. It’s taqiyya.

        • zandi

          actually taqqyia is only practicrd by to minority sects in islam like alawites, druze And some shias. sunnis don’t have it in their books.
          and tawqia means to deny that your faith or claim u practice the same faith as your persecutor to avoid bring killed,

  • Takiya is standard in pislam. This one is a very common example of their takiya.

  • ntt1

    I can’t see any possibility for a reformed islam when the basic guide book is shot through with hate and destruction, then again it may well be that what we see in syria and irac IS the reformed islam,we are seeing is that reform can go to the dark side as it has.with a crappy base it really isn’t surprising that this extremism has pushed out the moderates ,who ,really are just verging on apostasy

    • Blacksmith

      There is no reform possible. They will always try to take it literally and that is to kill all others not of their faith, It is past time we wake up to this. Their book says it cannot be interpreted, it MUST be taken literally. It is filled with calls to kill non believers and those not like themselves. Until we realize this and treat it like the disease it is it will not change.

  • zanti

    How were the children of Isreal jews?

    they did not practice judaism. prophet abraham was not a new also, nor any of his children.

    According to the quran, prophet Abraham and his children were monotheistic beleivers who submitted to God’s commend ents, the One God, hence they were muslims. so whatever Moses said to the children of Israel also applies to muslims, since Moses practiced the religion that muhammed practiced which was not judaism.

    if u don’t agree, prove to me that Moses was a jew. Aftr Solomon and David had their kingdom destryoed, the Children of Israel were divided into different religious groups from which judaism emerged.

    The Samaritans have the torah as their holy book and have beeniving in the west bank since Solomon’s time, but they’re not jews and consider the jews as heretic.

    • SDMat

      See, that’s when it starts to dawn on normal people that Muslims are kooks: to claim someone who existed well before Mohammad first thighed Aisha as a Muslim is bat ship loopy. And then to make claims based on the illiterate Koran is even funnier. More please.

      • And this one is in Ottawa. Why are we importing people who think like this?

        • Jason

          Because our intellectual and cultural betters are going to shove muslim immigration down our throats whether we want it or not.

      • zandi

        muslim is an arabic adjective when translated to english it means surrendering to the One eternal God.

        so whete not Abraham and his children who surrendered to the One eternal God?

        in the torah, he and his children and grand children prostray face down in prayers to God.

        they don’t rock back and forth their bodies or front and back and were a black small box pn their head with a black strap wrapped around their arm dyring prayers.

        Abraham and his chidren according to the OT prayed like muslims pray today!

        having said that, explain to me were did the jews come up with their prayers? Moses didn’t even pray like this!

    • ntt1

      So if they aren’t jews,in your view , does this allow people of your ilk a free rein to slaughter ?. seems a little convenient , fight the anti semitism charge by simply denying the group is semitic.
      My problem is the memory of all the family members who were killed fighting assholes like you, your ideology lost and always will lose.

      • zandi

        actually the first who were to slaughter were the Christians. did u forget the Samaritan revolt in which 1 million samaritans were killed, then the persecution of jews by the byzantines.

        A question out of curiosity, why did the jews of europe migrate to the land of muslims and lived with muslims or centuries. many germanic jews immigrated to Egypt, to turkey and to spain when it was muslim.

        and when the muslims were forced put of spain, the jews flee with them to what we call today morocco, algeria and tunisia.

        tell me, why did the tiny jewish population in Jerusalem fight the crusaders along side the muslims and orthodox christians?

        • ntt1

          did they ?or is it more of your bull shit .

          • zandi

            look it up my dear! you’ll be very surprised!

          • ntt1

            It won’t be there it is just more takiya, and stop calling me deer .everyone knows how you people mis understand the term animal husbandry.

          • zandi

            the first search on google came out as:

            jews fight along side the muslims against the crusade:

          • ntt1


      • zandi

        by the way, what does semetic mean?

        semetic people are everywhere in the middle east. some are christians, muslims, jews, bahai, druze…. etc

        so what do you exactly mean by semetic?

        • ntt1

          those who are not of your blood, the righteous ones not following the ravings of an epileptic desert pederast.

  • sandi

    Judaism come from the tribe of Juda. the Children of Israel nor Abraham nor Moses were jews.

    if the jews were practicing the religion of prophet Abraham, it would be called abrahamism. if they were practicing the rigion of israel, aka jacob, it would be jacobism. if they were practicing the rigion of moses, it would be called Mosism.

    • ntt1

      what do you call yours? Assholery?

  • sandi

    why do you think Jesus forbade yhe disciples from preaching to others except the jews?

    why do you think Jesus refused to heal the palestinian woman’s daughter and the syrian women’s daughter and referred to them as dogs. he told them he can’t take the food from the children (the jews) and give it to the dogs (the palestinian and syrian)

    would jesus say such a thing, ofcourse not, but the bible is teanslated poorly or mustranslated to reinforce zionism by dehumanizing the arabs.

    Was Abraham a hebrew? not at all, he was not a descendant of the hebrew nor spoke their language. but the bible uses aisleafong a translation so christians and jews would assiciate him with todays hebrew speakers. Mind you, he didn’t even practice the religion of those that speak hebrew today, the jews!

    Judaism is a deviayion from what the children of israel practiced. The Samaritans are probably closer to what Solomon practiced and strangly pray like the muslims!

    • santi

      Jesus came only for the Children of israel who deviated from the rigion of their prophets. but later jesus was idiolized and turned into a diety by Constantine who took pagan celebrations in Rome and made rhem christian holidays like Christmas. And forced the conversion of others to this new believe by the sword.

      example, the Kingdom of Himyar was a jewish Kingdom. mitant christians overthrew the crown and declarec the kingdom as Christian. and so forth…

      • sandi

        Forgot to say that Himyar is Yemen today, south of arabia. after the destruction of their kingdom, they wee scattered all over arabia. so many jews are not even decendents of israel.

        a good lesson to learn about himyar and how their king became a jew!

    • Minicapt

      There was no “palestinian woman” mentioned in the Bible. Your conception of “palestinian” was invented in 1966 by Arabs who needed a newer lie with which to improve their embezzling plans against civilised governments.


      • santi

        actually philistine is mentioned 286 times in the hebrew bible

        if palestine was a 1966 invension, why does Sharon’s birth certificate says he was born on Palestine? Sharon islael ex mp was born pre-1948

        FYI israel mever existed as a nation priorto 1948. israel in biblical times wad a man, prophet Jacob. it was nit. kingdom nor a country.

        • The Philistines are a well attested group, I believe part of the Sea People’s population shifts of the late Bronze Age. Their exact relationship to the Phoenicians, and to the biblical Canaanites, is complicated and not something about which I’m an expert.

          “Palestine” is a term imposed on the land by Rome after the destruction of the Temple. It is etymologically connected to “Philistine”, but certainly the itinerant Bedouin Arabs who were squatting in the place nearly 2,000 years late have no relationship to the people of Delilah and etc.

        • Minicapt

          No, you are now prevaricating, but then you imitate the Arab. And you are a fool.


    • a)He did heal her daughter b)she wasn’t Palestinian. There was no such thing. Some would argue there still isn’t.

      “would jesus say such a thing, ofcourse not, but the bible is teanslated poorly or mustranslated to reinforce zionism by dehumanizing the arabs.”

      You see, this is why it’s impossible to talk with you. You insist that whatever you want to believe is true, and any evidence that you’re wrong is proof that there’s a conspiracy.

      • sandi

        the term palestinian refers to the Phillistines, caanites, phonicians and hebrews who lived in that area and assimilated. it also includes assyrians, greeks, armenians, crusaders, turks and arabs who lived there ans assimilated and adopted the customes snd tradition and language of the philistinians.

        a jew is simply someone born to a jewish mother or convert to judaism. so jews are not a race. it is many different ethinc races with each its own customes and tradition and cuisine but practice judaism as a religion.

        a palestinisn is someone who inhebits the south levant area, speaks southern levantine and practices palestiniN traditions and customes and eats a distingtive levantine/palestinian cuisine.

        palestinians practice diffrent religions: islam, christianity, judaism, samaritans, druze and bahai.

        • See my reply above. You are hopelessly confused.

  • sandi

    Moses preached what Muhammed preached, so whatever applies to the Children of Israel, also applies to the Muslims. That’s why the Quran dictates a large section to the prophets of the children of israel and the earlier ones.

    So wake up and smell the humous and figure out how did people today extrapolate judaism to be the religion of the children of Israel

    • Minicapt

      Mohammed was a camel jockey who tried to create ‘faith’ improvements based on his misunderstandings of Judaic and Christian doctrines. When he was rejected by the Followers of God, he took his cultic ideas back to the Arabs, who quite liked his thoughts on raiding, robbery and slave-making.
      Those parts of the Koran which mention Jews and Christian are the portions he stole, including the “Five Pillars of Islam”. The bulk of the book are “instructions from Allah” which forbid things Mohammed didn’t like, and authorise him to slake his lusts however he wished.


    • Say No to Mo

      Wah Wah Wah …. So who believes in the authority of the Quran? the only one to validate it is Mohammed himself, after all ALAH refuse to make any miracles to back up his Quran. So the Quran validate Mo and Mo validate the Quran… Now your argument is so weak seeing as the Israelites were the children of Israel ( Jacob ) seems clear to me buddy.

      God Gave Jacob a new name in Genesis 32:28
      “And he said, Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Israel: for as a prince hast thou power with God and with men, and hast prevailed.”

      Oh here is verse 5:36.
      “Indeed, those who disbelieve – if they should have all that is in the earth and the like of it with it by which to ransom themselves from the punishment of the Day of Resurrection, it will not be accepted from them, and for them is a painful punishment”

  • zanti

    i suggest before criticizing anything muslim/islam, to closely look at the corruption and distortions and lies in the bible and how whoever wrote the current bibles NT and OT falsified translations to feed a racist and unjust ideology that have caused the uprooting of people from their lands.

    for instance, tell me honestly, when hagar was crying beside a well after running away from Sarah, and angel comes down to comfort her and tells her that God had heard of your sorrow and will BLESS u with a child, Ishael, that will be like a donkey and his hands will be againsy his brothers.

    How can an angel coming doen with good tidings to comfort a woman tell her of such a horrible thing? how can a blessing be someone to be like a “donkey” and ennemies of his brothers?

    do you see the contradictions? why is Ishmael vilified and demonized?

    because he is considered the father of the arabs and the one who Muhammed would come from and who his followers will be practice……..

    u fill in the gap. do you get the deception of zionism?

    • Frau Katze

      The current translation of the OT and NT are not falsified. Knock off the kooky conspiracy theories or you will be banned.

      • Say No to Mo

        Don’t ban Zanti , wheres the entertainment if you do?
        We all know that Muslim (even intelligent and honourable ones) have no choice but claim the Torah and the New testament (or what ever Allah sent down to Jesus) are corrupted because they cannot find the claimed mention and foretelling of Mohamed that Allah claimed in said Quran.
        But sadly the scriptures Allah told Mohamed to look to actually prove Mo is actually a false prophet. Even Allah didn’t seem to be aware of what was in the scripture that he sent to Moses and Jesus before.

        • Frau Katze

          OK, if you insist.

      • zandi

        is this why in the bible it says that ishmael cried under a tree and kicked with his feet like a small child when he and his mom were driven out by Sarah.

        if u calculate ishmael’s age at the time, it turns out he was 16 years old. he was a young man!

        but then God asks Hagar to take her child by the hand and go drink frim the well He provided them with!

        • The Biblical and Jewish accounts differ from Muslim ones because Mohammed was an illiterate who had only a sketchy knowledge of the doctrines he was predating off of, not because of some zionist conspiracy to defile texts.

          • zandi

            helarious! who told you he was an illiterate?

            prophet muhammed was not an illiterate. some people seem to think so because of their poor classical arabic knowledge and tend to translate the quran using colloqual arabic.

            like abdullah, which you people wre fooled to believe to mean slave of Allah because some arab ex-muslim said so but that muslim has no classical arabic language skills.

            abdullah means servant of God.

          • zandi

            In the Quran, to refer to humans, the term “ya ebaado allah” is used, which means worshippers or God or servant of God.

            in singular, abdullah is used which means a worshipper of God or servant of God.

            if abdullah was slave of allah, then in plural it would be “ya abeedo allah” in the quran. and this call is never used and not present in the quran.

            so you see how the source of information u use is garbage source.

          • Muslims assert he was illiterate. What is your game? Are you just a troll?

            And, assuming you’re for real, how is your archaic 7th-8th c. Arabic? Fluent, I take it? No?

          • Teofilo Cruz

            One of Muhammad’s earliest and most militant followers was a converted rabbi from Yathrib.
            Presumably he garnered some of his knowledge of the Tanakh and the Talmud from that gentleman, for much of the Qur’an seems to be Talmudically derived.

  • winniec

    Abrogation of peaceful, ‘moderate’ verses in the Koran occurs when chronologically later verses supersede them and replace them. All the peaceful verses in the Koran were cancelled by the warlike verses in the Koran’s chapter 9.

    • zanti

      there are different interpretations to the quran. not all muslims use this type of interpretation u claim. A small sect does, but not all muslims.

      just like not all christian interpret the bible to justify zionism. a small portions of christians adhere to christian zionism. the rest are not.

      • zanti, I’m serious about this: why are you in Canada? This is not a Muslim country. This is not an anti-Semitic country. Wouldn’t you be happier in the Middle East? The Western world is clearly not your home. Nobody here thinks the way you do.

        I don’t understand why you’d want to stay here.

        • zandi

          i don’t mind going back home but i have no right to return thanks to people like you.

          so to empty our ancestor land, they made arrangement with governments in the west and ur goverment to absorb as many of us as possible.

          so it doesn’t matter how many blogs you write, how many techies used to hack on people like myself for zionactivism to evesdrop and spy, how much you object to your government, we will still be imported here!

          how else will jesus return?

          u know ur ideology: help the children return to reclaim all the land from the river to the sea…bless the children…curse the muslims….hate the muslims…be scared of the muslims….no to the islamization….etc

          add to things ISIL paving the road for the children, ethicly cleansing the area using some idiots and having arab kill arabs and ofcourse with usefull idiots like urself, we’ll have many westerners and western countries fighting ISIl to ensure complete erasing of the region for the children!

          tell me how else can i return. maybe when they invent a spaceship to transfer people on another planet, we can join, but hopefully, they won’t say that i need to be a jew too to be allowed to cross over!

        • Teofilo Cruz

          You might accurately say the same about the jews.

  • winniec

    “I will prove that this operation (against the Taliban) is un-Islamic…the (Taliban’s) response to the military operation (slaughtering children in class) was understandable”
    If you disagree with this mullah, he will debate you and produce sound Islamic arguments. They might sound the same as Robert Spencer’s books. Coincidence?

  • vladtepesblog

    Here are several experts explaining a number of terms of art in Islam including the use of that koranic verse

    • Frau Katze