Muslims must confront Islamism

We can only weep for the scores of children massacred by the Taliban in Peshawar, Pakistan.
Just a day before this slaughter, another Islamist took innocent cafe patrons hostage in downtown Sydney. Two of them were killed, along with him.

Not long ago, Islamist extremists took the lives of two Canadian soldiers in Ottawa and Montreal.

When will this religious madness ever end?

Just when we consider beheading by ISIS to be the worst inhumanity, we learn the Taliban butchers made pupils watch their teacher being incinerated.

In this competition of evil, we must now wonder who has cultivated the most brutal brand: Boko Haram in Nigeria, ISIS militants, al-Qaida or the Taliban?

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    Your source also writes,

    Until Muslim leaders confront the Islamist nature of this cancer, they will remain part of the problem.

    They denounce the symptoms of the disease, not the pathology that causes it.

    They condemn individual terrorist attacks, but not jihadi doctrines.

    It is the notion of jihad itself that the clerics must denounce as obsolete and vicious.

    However, they will never do so, because according to them, it would be tantamount to denying Islam itself.

    Yes, exactly, and that provides us with a clear direction in addressing Muslim communities in our midst. Is it TRUE that jihad is the “sixth pillar” of Islam? (as in the linked article)

    We did not know there were more than five, but await further information.

    It is no use whining that Canadians don’t like Muslims. Canadians rarely think about Muslims unless something like the Parliament Hill murder happens.

    The solution is ready to hand: Denounce all violent jihad doctrines and dismiss anyone who commits violence in their name. Just as Christians have done with “God hates gays” groups.

    That won’t stop a bigot from trashing Muslims, but heavens, what would stop him anyway, except laryngitis or writer’s cramp?

    The main thing is not to provide a reason why anyone should listen to him. And then he just fades away like a bad hair job.

    • moraywatson

      Shia doctrine has seven pillars. Sunni doctrine has five pillars.

      And muslims are following the totalitarian political agenda formulated by mohammed 14 centuries ago. “Trashing” muslims is no more bigoted than trashing communists.

    • David

      It’s just so very touching your concern for the welfare of death cultists.

  • Porky17

    Muslims must confront Islam, not only Islamism. It is a vile totalitarian terrorist ideology not fit for human beings anywhere.

    • The Goat

      Do we speak of Nazismism, or Communismism? No, because that would be ridiculous. There is only Islam, practiced faithfully or not.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Well that’s a waste of time. There are two main branches of Islam today: those that want to exterminate all the infidels and those that want to exterminate the whole world.

  • Cut through all the rhetoric.

    Islam itself – the whole package – in its entirety – is broken. Just like a square tire does not work on a car, Islam does not work as a social blueprint for a society.

    Sure you can find “nice Muslims”. But, they wont help when confronted by a suicide bomber.

    Islam needs a complete reformation. From top to bottom and side to side, the Koran, Hadith, and Sunnah need a rewrite.

    As long as the hatred of present day Islam is preached, the long term outlook for the world looks bleak.

    • Zaba

      Islam is broken…..
      was never whole!

  • Zaba

    Religious madness……
    let’s keep in mind that Islam is an ideology with a veneer of religion.
    Think nazism.