Mom sees abducted toddler in ISIS propaganda video

The last time Lidia Herrera saw her son was in November last year when she gave him to his father before leaving home in Italy and going to visit relatives in Cuba.

But instead of babysitting the boy, her estranged husband Ismar Mesinovic instead took his son to Syria where he signed up to fight for ISIS.

And now, a year after the pair went missing, Miss Herrera has seen her son again for the first time as part of an online propaganda campaign for the terror group.

Wearing a black headband inscribed with Arabic writing and with a tiny AK-47 rifle slung around his neck, Miss Herrera says this is her three-year-old son Ismail.

  • Blacksmith

    Well mom, you married a muzz scum and let it breed this is what you get. Fekking people are stuuppiidd.

    • The Goat

      At least goats don’t do it by choice.

  • Jason

    “Miss Herrera says she had no idea that her estranged husband … was a terrorist.”

    Yeah, they hide it so well; just average guys trying to get by.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

  • Mark

    So a commie marries a terrorist? Not surprising in the least. Poor kid.

  • Justin Sawchuk

    Darwin award