Is Europe about to give in to Hamas terror?

In Oliver Twist, published in 1838, Charles Dickens has one of his characters, Mr. Bumble, declare, “If the law supposes that, the law is an ass, an idiot.” One hundred and fifty years later Mr. Bumble would have used the same words in referring to a decision of the General Court (GC) of the European Union.

On December 17, 2014 GC ordered the EU to remove Hamas from its terrorist blacklist.

The Council of the European Union in Luxembourg on December 27, 2001 adopted a common position as its response to combating terrorism. This meant freezing the funds of individuals and groups on a list adopted by the Council.

The list included Hamas and has maintained that group on the list since then. Other countries, including the US in October 1997, and Australia, Canada, Japan, Egypt, and Britain regarding the military wing, have put Hamas on their own terrorist lists.