BBC chief: Anti-Semitism makes me question Jews’ future in UK

Danny Cohen, director of BBC Television

The director of BBC Television said rising anti-Semitism has made him question the long-term future for Jews in the UK.

Speaking at a conference in Jerusalem on Sunday, Danny Cohen said the past year had been the most difficult for him as a Jew living in the United Kingdom.

“I’ve never felt so uncomfortable being a Jew in the UK as I’ve felt in the last 12 months. And it’s made me think about, you know, is it our long-term home, actually. Because you feel it. I’ve felt it in a way I’ve never felt before actually,” he said in a conversation with Channel 2’s anchor Yonit Levi.

Cohen went on: “And you’ve seen the number of attacks rise. You’ve seen murders in France. You’ve seen murders in Belgium. It’s been pretty grim actually. And having lived all my life in the UK, I’ve never felt as I do now about anti-Semitism in Europe”…

But of course this leftist BBC man would never consider that the decision to allow mass immigration of Muslims was in any way connected with the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe. I seriously wonder how these peoples’ minds work.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    “I seriously wonder how these peoples’ minds work.”
    White man bad, brown man good.
    That’s their thought process in totality

    • Liberal Jews still think Christians are the enemy. Conservative Jews generally know Islam for it is.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        So what’s that, about 70% of Jews in North America?

  • ontario john

    I’m sure it has nothing to do with islam. Our media and politicians wouldn’t lie would they?

    • Rosenmops

      It is probably Methodists hating on the Jews. Couldn’t possibly be Muslims!

      • Always the Methodists.

        • Blacksmith

          I blame the Amish!

  • Alain

    Is he too thick to connect the dots I wonder. Western MSM with the BBC being a prime example have been spewing out constant vile against Israel and therefore Jews for decades and people like him are surprised by the result. Add mass invasion (immigration) of Muslims with their traditional anti-Semitism to the mix and you get the situation that he suddenly notices and does not like. Perhaps better late than never, since there are still plenty throughout the West, both Jews and non Jews, who will deny to their last breath that the problem exists.

    • Frau Katze

      In his leftist mind, the immigrant Muslims would be model citizens with western values. If they are not, it is somehow OUR fault. I can’t think of any other way his mind must work,

    • You know I was at the JDL Hannukah party and Michael Coren made an interesting point, he felt we will see North American liberal Jews abandon Israel outright. I have wondered at that for the past year and a bit, I too believe it will come to pass. They imagine they will be safe in a demographic that grows increasingly Muslim.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        I think THEY THINK that they will be better-off in a demographic that rejects Christianity. I have never seen any Jews really go after any other religion like they do with Christianity while hiding behind the concept of religious “freedom”.

        True, you have the occasional Pam Geller type that will confront Islam, but she is a real rarity, and for every one like her, there are thousands of Mikey Weinsteins, whom are NOT atheists.

      • Alain

        Most already have abandoned Israel just as they abandoned Judaism. I am referring to the liberal/leftist Jews. I suspect that Danny Cohen belongs in this category. There were many like this in Germany who refused to connect the dots in the 1930s and who sadly remained in denial until it was too late. They also thought that they were safe in a highly civilised country like Germany, especially those who had renounced Judaism either to convert to Christianity or to become atheist.

  • Brett_McS

    “The past year”? Hmmm, rise of the EDL?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Jews have about 10 years maybe 12 in Britain. After that it’s head for the boats, mates.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Ever the optimist!
      You know, there is a high probibly that England will be the last holdout. Maybe not for long, but I say it’s the last.
      What I want to know is just what the Hell the Jews in France and Sweden are thinking?
      If they are even thinking.

      • Hard Little Machine

        France and Sweded will do it with mob violence. Britain will do it by allowing Insano-Islam to take over the legal system.

      • Teofilo Cruz

        Nobody “holocausted” [a verb?] them in the first place.

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          What, so 5.9 million Jews just went on vacation between 1941-1945 to Gilligan’s Island?

          • Teofilo Cruz

            If you check the Jewish Encyclopedia for the years 1938 and 1947 it offers an overview of jewish population growth.

            There was no appreciable drop in the world jewish population between those years.

            If you google “six million jews” you will find that that particular number [6,000,000] has been repeatedly used in print media concerning assorted jewish disasters since at least 1890
            If you check the numbers on the alleged deaths at Auschwitz, you will find that in the early 1950s they claimed 4 million deaths there, but due to the obvious impossibility of that story they have been downgrading the number ever since. I may be mistaken, but I believe the current number is now slightly over one million, but with no diminution of the overall six million propaganda claim.
            There have been two independent checks of the “gas chambers” and zero cyanide residue was to be found anywhere on their interiors while the small chambers that were used for delousing clothing were coated with the stuff.
            Very interesting indeed.

  • The BBC must be one of the main causes of worldwide increase in anti-Semitism and radical Islam. They are the worst journalistic offenders – star disciples of Goebbels, evil liars and twisters of truth. I stopped watching BBC News over ten years ago – could no longer stand to watch apologists for evil at work daily.

    • Teofilo Cruz

      There is no such thing as “anti semitism”.

      • Stick to Taki’s, anti-semite. Any more and you’re banned.

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          That’s a new one I haven’t heard before.

          • Teofilo Cruz

            Indeed. What are they afraid of?

          • Teofilo Cruz

            To be a “semite” as biblically defined is to be decended from Shem, the son of Noah.
            Both the Hebrew tribes and the inhabitants of Arabia Felix [Arabs] are without dispute decendants of Shem.
            To be an “anti semite” one would neccessarily have antipathy to both Arabs and Jews. If one disliked Arabs and not Jews one would be “Anti Arab”. If one were to dislike Jews but not Arabs one would then be “Anti Jew”, but if one seeks to win the booby prize of being “anti semitic” one must hate them both, otherwise we would face the absurdity of Jews or Arabs being “anti semitic” themselves because of their ancient emnity.
            The whole “anti semitic” schtick is a word game played on the ever gullible Goy.
            For the jews, it was a twofer: They created a ‘guilt stick’ with which to beat the gullible Goy, and they had the perfect ongoing insult with which to torment the Arab, for in claiming that the jew alone is semitic is a mortal offense which severs the Arab from his rightful patrimony.
            Pure genius, really.

          • Everyone knows what the word “Semite” means, but the term “anti-Semite” has a generally understood meaning. Anti-Semitism is best practiced over at Takis. I’d hate to ban someone on Christmas.

          • Teofilo Cruz

            Respectfully, when something that is “generally understood” is wrong it needs to be corrected no matter the cost, other wise we would still believe the world was flat.
            The more ancient an injustice is, the more it cries out for healing.
            The popular concept of “anti semitism” is an uncalled for and dreadful slander against the very history and heritage of the Arabic peoples, it is also dialectically untrue.
            In a world that seems to deal only in injustice and premeditated outrage, a man can only seek to right what wrongs he can, for if he does not then he cannot complain when he, himself has been wronged.
            One can worship the zeitgeist, or one can follow what is true.
            Unfortunately they are too often diametrically opposed.
            Do what you think is right.
            Merry Christmas…….

          • Everyone knows what the word “Semite” means formally. You aren’t educating anyone.

            Any more anti-Semitic anti-Jewish comments will get you banned. By me. It’s that simple. Merry Christmas.

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      The BBC is very much a mainstream entity. I think the British should choose Nick Griffin because his party has said they are firmly against the current austerity agenda and I feel that UKIP and the EDL are movements that are used to block the rise of the BNP. The BNP was and is about true freedom and real nationalism not watered down nationalism fused with neoconservatism and Zionism and globalism and populism. That is what has to be talked about. BBC is against the average person and so is Sky and Sun in Britain.

      • Billy Bob Thornton

        Which is why countless Youtube clips show that many hated Griffin when he sat in front of a studio audience because his party spoke the truth. UKIP is a pro-Tory movement and keeps much of the same neoconservative foreign policy. I saw Griffin’s discussions and he said clearly that the UK and Western foreign policies have led to more war and that has to change.

  • DD_Austin

    “You know, is it our long-term home, actually.”

    Now that’s loyalty, after screwing “their country” for silver for 60 years,
    this is this response, and he had a direct hand on the dagger.

    He’s knifed everyone in the back, then he starts playing the minority card

    It’s people like this that give Jews a bad name, by identifying himself with them.
    And identifying them as an untrustworthy traitorous people, Goebbels couldn’t
    have done better, Adoph looking up from the fires has a little chuckle.

    The Jews of Britain should loudly renounce him as a Jew, take away his “race”
    card and proclaim him as the traitorous EVIL slime ball he is.

  • Blacksmith

    I wonder if he really gets it? The multiculturalism (islamisation) of Britain has caused this, until you are willing to loudly and repeatedly identify this scourge you are not going to resolve this.