Bad journalism: How a new Australian social movement is challenging Islamophobia after the Sydney siege

One week after the tragic Sydney siege, a new grassroots movement is challenging everyday prejudice in Australia. In what began as a stand of solidarity, the social media campaign #illridewithyou is pushing Australians to reexamine how they view race relations and religious discrimination…

So you see, even though a country could turn to violence and retaliation at a time like this, many Australians have chosen to express their grief in other ways.

#illridewithyou started with a simple tweet from @Michael James_TV. He shared a story from a young Brisbane woman, Rachael Jacobs, who saw a Muslim woman remove her headscarf on a Sydney train after hearing news of the siege…

Another Twitter user, @sirtessa, then tweeted encouraging Muslim women to wear their religious attire on public transport with pride and started the hashtag #illridewithyou…

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