Australia PM warns of ‘terrorist chatter’ as memorials held for siege victims #illridewithyou

SYDNEY – Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said on Tuesday security officials had intercepted a heightened level of “terrorist chatter” in the aftermath of the Sydney cafe siege.

As memorial services were held for the two victims of the 16-hour siege a week ago, Abbott warned that the public needed to remain alert as the country headed into Christmas and New Year celebrations.

“The national security agencies today indicated that there has been a heightened level of terrorist chatter in the aftermath of the Martin Place siege,” Abbott told reporters in Sydney.

  • ontario johnw

    Damn Anglicans and the internet.

    • winniec

      Why don’t they just give one-way tickets to all of them. We should pay Muslim countries to take them.

  • “Terrorist chatter”? Does that mean Muslims talking?

    • winniec

      Exactly. Intel lingo.

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    Pesky Buddhist. There always at it!

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    re: Australia

    The Australian Flying Fox
    one scary bugger