As a Cuban exile, I feel betrayed by President Obama

I am furious, in pain, and deeply offended by those who laud this betrayal of the Cuban people as a great moment in history.

My family and native land were destroyed by the brutal Castro regime. In 1959, as an 8-year-old, I listened to mobs shout “paredon!” (to the firing squad!). I watched televised executions, and was terrified by the incessant pressure to agree with a bearded dictator’s ideals.

As the months passed, relatives, friends, and neighbors began to disappear. Some of them emerged from prison with detailed accounts of the tortures they endured, but many never reappeared, their lives cut short by firing squads.

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    Blazing Cat duuuudes, can you all get someone to translate this? It looks really good. My German is only rudimentary. (Like y’all’s American English and ability to link articles on your pages… Just kidding!)

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      We are just a few bloggers. AFAIK none of us speaks languages other than English. (BCF’s dad was French Canadian, but I’m not sure if he himself speaks French).

      I like languages but as my life ended up, I never lived in a non-English-speaking place. I remember a bit of high school French, and I’m on project to learn to read German (it goes slowly because the sheer amount of time taken to process the news for the blog plus time to post the stuff.). I’ve done a few translations of German pieces (usually when the news slows down on the weekend).

      But I certainly don’t speak the language so I couldn’t help here. The blog Vlad Tepes does some translation of German vids. But I don’t know anything else about him, I’ve never corresponded with him personally.

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    As a Cuban exile, I feel betrayed by President Obama

    if you aren’t thinking and saying
    “As an American, I feel betrayed by President Obama”
    get the fuck out, and go back to Cuba, asshole
    your not wanted