Al Jazeera journo Mohamed Fahmy, Canadian imprisoned in Egypt, pleads for Harper’s help

265Imprisoned Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy is calling on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to personally ask Egypt’s president to release him before an appeal court closes his chance at a retrial.

Fahmy, who made the comments in an exclusive interview with CBC’s the fifth estate, was arrested last December along with two other Al-Jazeera journalists. He was sentenced in June to seven years in prison on charges of undermining Egypt’s security and supporting the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood. His appeal is scheduled for Jan. 1.

The interview marks the first time the Canadian-Egyptian dual citizen has spoken about his conviction and his belief that the Canadian government can do more.

“We are at the finish line, we’re two weeks away from the appeal and that phone call I desperately need from the Canadian government I need now,” Fahmy said…

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  • David


  • Alain

    None of our business. Leave him be. As an Egyptian citizen he is not exempt from Egyptian laws and justice system.

  • Ron MacDonald

    He should have thought of the consequences when he left to work for al Jazeera in Egypt.

    • Justin

      Hand him over to ISIS so that he becomes a suicide bomber for them!

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    When in Rome, do as The Romans do.

  • Gaylord Ponce

    Screw him and his “dual citizenship”.

  • pettifog

    He should have thought of the consequences before he told his family to criticize the Canadian government after he was convicted.

  • David Murrell

    The jailing of Islamist Mohamed Fahmy is getting lots of air time on our pro-Muslim Brotherhood CBC News today. The lead story on Heather Hiscock’s CBC Morning, for example.

  • mobuyus

    Please can we let Middle-Eastern justice take it’s course.

  • CMH

    To all fellow Canadians who have posted on this comment section, please go further and politely mail your thoughts to the PM’s office. This will ensure no help is given at this time. It is clear we do not need this scumbag here but we must let Harper know we want his office to stay uninvolved. If demands of non interference outweigh the ones the PM is getting from sympathizers he will listen.

    • James Hamilton

      I guess you’re right we must right to PM on this issue & on the huge influx of immigrants from third world s**tholes.

      • Clausewitz

        It’s write not right. Some times auto correct is not your friend.

  • James Hamilton

    Another Canadian -SCUM,PARASITE,MOHAMMEDAN- of convenience.

  • Santos2

    He made his bed. Let him die in it.

    • Clausewitz

      Beat me too it.

  • ontario john

    He was offered his freedom if he gave up his dual citizenship. I guess he is more loyal to his muslim activities there.

  • Linda1000

    Qatar has lots of money so let them pay the jizya for his release. He’s employed by their state broadcaster, Al Jazeera so they should be responsible for him.

  • RevnantDream

    He went back to Egypt to agitate for Islam. let him live by his convictions. We don’t need his breed here any longer if ever.
    PS this is a job for Obama & his buddies

  • Gary

    Memories of Maher Arar the Sunni Syrian that came to Canada and got our Passport and then married ( Palestinian pro-hamas wife) and pumped out kids to assure hsi stay here. This peaceful muslim got a gun permit while in Montreal just after the Jihad suicide mission by Gamil Gharabi where he murdered 14 female students for allah.
    Arar and his wife made many trips to the USA by Car to avoid the Airport checks that would have records of the trips.
    Maher had move to Boston Pre-9/11 attack and lived near one of the Airports used on 9/11. The FBI watched him because a Mosque in Boston had ties to Al-Qaeda and recruiting jihadists which was the Mosque Maher attended while living there.
    The shorty version of his story is that the RCMP was closing in on him at his Ottawa home while he was also needed to ask questions about Momin muhammad Khawaji ( Ottawa Terrorist arrested and convicted later ) who was being watch and attended the Ottawa mosque the Arar’s also went to. CAIR-Canada coached the Arar’s to NOT help the RCMP or CSIS , and later they fled Canada to live with pro-hamas relatives in Tunisia .
    The CBC and STAR failed to mention that part of the story, but what you did hear was the ended part where Police were moving in again and Maher quickly headed to the Airport for a flight back to Canada with a connection in New York City.
    Arar was stopped in New York because he was a Young Male Sunni Muslim flying by himself from Tunisia . He had a history in the USA which the CBC and STAR left out of their stories , from this, the US legally denied Maher entry as they can do for any person the deem unwanted or a potential danger .
    The problem the FBI and Customs had was that Tunisian Airline refused to give him a return flight based on the Government’s orders from their fear of an asylum claim by the Arar’s .
    Finally about 12 days later , since his wife was Palestinian the US managed to get JORDAN to let him return to meet his wife and kids to fly direct back to Canada. But Arar got to Jordan and the Family wasn’t there , but he was nabbed by a group of men that he said had held him for 2 weeks and tortured him.
    He was then driven back to his homeland for a Military trial as a draft-dodger
    from Syria with dual Citizenship.

    TADA , the charade starts because the Al-Qaeda handbook for Jihadists tells them to plea innocent if caught and then get someone on the outside to alleged a Conspiracy and Torture to the Media .
    The CBC and NDP were played for fools and suckers which included Alexa McDonnough and Jack Layton that bought the Conspiracy that Maher was grabbed by the USA while in New York and shipped to Syria by a secret Flight to be tortured .
    The NDP even helped the Arar’s with their $400’000’000.00 lawsuit against Canada , plus Jack Layton used Arar’s wife to run for the NDP in Ottawa’s Arab/Muslim anti-USA/Israel riding to get a MP seat.

    Mohamed works for the Terrorism funding Qatar Government via Al-jazeera which is like someone as an Iraqi with a Canadian Passport working for the CBC and chooses to go to Iraq and protest ISIS , then when they get arrested they hold up their hands and claim they are a Journalist from Canada and they want the State broadcaster ( CBC) to bail them out.
    But in this case Mohamed doesn’t want Qatar to bail him out because it will ruin his cover in Canada if he is actually a mole or pro-Brotherhood islamist.

    The Lawyer’s at CAIR will wait for him to get back and then launch another massive Lawfare on Canada as we see with Omar Khadr because of our anti-West jew-hating useful idiots in the Media and among the feminiNazi’s, Homofascists and pro-hamas/ISIS/Whahhabi groups in canada.

    The last attack on Canada by the Arar’s and Media was juts a while back when the Arar’s were angry that Canada would not help them get a Travel VISA to ” Vacation” in Saudi Ararbia and expose their kids to Sunni Muslim whahhabism .

    • Clausewitz

      Nicely said and documented.