Ryerson Prof – Canada Responsible For Peshawar School Masacre

Why the deaths of children in Peshawar matter in Canada

“…Tariq Amin-Khan, an expert on global security and militant Islam, is calling on more people to denounce acts of terrorism abroad and pressure governments to seek peaceful solutions.

“I don’t think the border populace in Canada sees that this is their problem,” said the Pakistan native who also teaches at Ryerson. “But I think there are elements within the population — especially immigrant people and the population connected to that part of the world — who feel far more intensely about what has happened, and they feel the role that Canada and other Western governments have to play.”

For Haider, that means doing more to help forces like Pakistan’s army tasked with fighting at the frontlines of terrorism. For Amin-Khan, that means taking responsibility for the way Western foreign policy has shaped the war on terror, and even, perhaps, helped to create it.”

Go to hell.