Two men charged over ‘racist’ ten-person brawl in western Sydney

Ralph Cerminara, president of the Australian Defence League, which does not seem to be in the news nearly as often as Muslim problems.

Two members of the xenophobic group Australian Defence League have been charged after a ten-person brawl in Sydney’s southwest overnight.

It’s believed two members of the group, including president Ralph Cerminara, walked down Haldon Street in Lakemba chanting racist and anti-Islamic sentiment, sparking a fight with locals.

Police have confirmed they were called to a large fight on Haldon Street in Lakemba at about 8.40pm last night and came across a group of 10 men who were separated, however they could not confirm members of the Australian Defence League were involved…

Yet the Australian Defence League is no worse than the Islamic groups: it merely a reaction to their aggressiveness. Why are Muslim allowed to run mosques that spread hateful speech while if Euro-descended people do anything remotely similar, they are branded as Nazis and ‘xenophobes’?  

The overreaction is so ludicrous it starting to bother me.