State Dept. Strongly Suggests U.S. Attack Behind North Korean Internet Outage

Pic courtesy of reader TB who plans to make an Everybody Assassinate Kim Day video and invites everyone to join in with their own contribution.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Once more, you have to admit that it is kind of cool that we can threaten to “take away their internet”, and then make good on it.

  • Dana Garcia

    Is this Obama’s “proportional response” — to knock down the internet for a couple hundred elite Norks who own computers?


  • Xavier

    Security experts like Bruce Schneier aren’t completely convinced the Norks were responsible for the recent cyber attack on Sony. It can be exceedingly difficult to be 100% certain who and where an attack originated; if we did retaliate against North Korea without overwhelming proof of their guilt, we’re asking for not only problems (Kim is insane, after all) with them but condemnation from the entire world.

    But if you remember the professionalism and deft touch the administration exhibited during the Ebola crisis, Obama may well have attacked North Korea and provoked a war.

  • Minicapt

    “That is a very, very interesting question … and perhaps some day we’ll be able to discuss it. Next question, please?”