Nothing speaks “equality” more than mandating a practice where someone inspects a woman’s body to “verify” her “morality”.

Canadian feminist Aki Muthali takes down Islamist apologist Reza Aslan.

A unicorn’s legacy

“Reza Aslan has taken over the West like a storm. Media brass quiver in their boots and advise TV hosts to “really know” their topic before debating with this unicorn. Having thoroughly studied religious text and having had education and/or residency in any religious nation [to have firsthand knowledge of the laws and culture] isn’t adequate for Western [pseudo] liberals. They want someone who can cleverly seduce the audience in a smoke of cognitive dissonance while simultaneously suggesting any criticism of the depth of irrational drivel being presented as “evidence” and “fact” is an act of oppression and racism…”

I doubt Ms. Muthali and I would see eye to eye on much else but nonetheless this is an excellent take-down of Islamofascist Reza Aslan.

It is always refreshing to see a member of the left who isn’t in Islam’s thrall.

h/t The Armaros