News from Islamic State: one execution, two whippings, one stoning to death

A photo of a whipping (not the one in this report) released by IS. Source.

Reliable sources informed that IS executed a man by shooting him in the town of Hajin in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor with no information about his accusation.

They also whipped 2 men from the same town on charge of “Rami al-Mohsanat” (accusing chaste women of adultery.)

Meanwhile, SOHR knew that IS stoned to death a woman for adultery in the town of Hajin.

  • Linda1000

    Nothing like the variety of death under IS sharia law – bullet executions, beheadings, stonIngs, crucifixion, hangings, bombings. Wonder why they don’t use the ultimate, extreme torture of water boarding to cause death. Probably too time consuming (sarc).

    • Minicapt

      … listening to the “Dixie Chicks”, or Bruce Springsteen?


      • Linda1000

        No, I think the IS terrorist guys are too young or would never have heard of geezer rockers like Springsteen. Besides, music is a big “ham- haram” in Baghdadi’s caliphate. Probably don’t have batteries for their iPods anyway.