Netherlands: Would-be jihadis without passports are also a threat – counter terrorism chief

A young, raging Islamoloon in Tunisia.

Young, radicalised Muslims who are being prevented from leaving the Netherlands to fight with militias in Syria are forming an increasing domestic threat, counter terrorism chief Dick Schoof has told broadcaster Nos.

‘We are not only worried about people coming back [from Syria and Iraq],’ he said. ‘It is also about people who are frustrated or inspired and start following violent extremism’…

…However, the dozens of youngsters who have been prevented to join IS are also now being seen as a potential threat, he said.

Lawyers have already warned that the repressive government policy could have the reverse effect. ‘The effect of these measures is to make people angry about the Dutch government,’ lawyer Michiel Pestman said earlier this year.

If they can’t get to Syria, they’ll just start driving into crowds at home instead.