Netherlands: Would-be jihadis without passports are also a threat – counter terrorism chief

A young, raging Islamoloon in Tunisia.

Young, radicalised Muslims who are being prevented from leaving the Netherlands to fight with militias in Syria are forming an increasing domestic threat, counter terrorism chief Dick Schoof has told broadcaster Nos.

‘We are not only worried about people coming back [from Syria and Iraq],’ he said. ‘It is also about people who are frustrated or inspired and start following violent extremism’…

…However, the dozens of youngsters who have been prevented to join IS are also now being seen as a potential threat, he said.

Lawyers have already warned that the repressive government policy could have the reverse effect. ‘The effect of these measures is to make people angry about the Dutch government,’ lawyer Michiel Pestman said earlier this year.

If they can’t get to Syria, they’ll just start driving into crowds at home instead.

  • Brett_McS

    Not only is this the bleeding obvious on a stick, the ISIS people sent out a public message for Jihadis to do exactly that – cause terror at ‘home’. But ‘counter-terrorism’ have just worked it out, apparently.

    • ntt1

      maybe their idea of counter terrorism is some what lower ?

  • Rosenmops

    Encourage them to leave and DON’T LET THEM BACK.

  • eMan14

    Maybe they (we) should draft them into the armed forces and send them to the Antarctic to fight the enemy.

  • ntt1

    let them go never to return, the chances are good that they will die in batttle or just as likely get shot by real jihadis for whinging once realitry sinks in. just never allow them to come back.

    • Frau Katze

      Most don’t seem to get killed. Maybe 10%.

      • Canadian

        Very unfortunate.

        • wallyj180

          I agree, the 10% figure should be much higher.

      • ntt1

        There were reports from Rakka of up to 100 foreign fighters who were trying to desert, they were scheduled for execution. which is cheering.

        • Frau Katze

          I saw that too. Maybe the supply is drying up?

          • ntt1

            I think demonstrating in the streets and setting cars on fire is being found to be a lot safer than having somebody actually shoot at you. squat toilets (or no toilets)and 7th century hygiene are also a problem, Survivors should be forced to stay and enjoy what they wished for back in the West. no returnees.

          • Frau Katze

            The health care system in Syria has collapsed. Diseases like typhoid have been seen.

            I’m not sure, but I doubt IS is putting money into helping out.

            Indeed, no return should be the rule. Revoke their citizenship. IS is now issuing passports.

  • Ho Hum

    Happy to see that tonight’s anti-Islam marches in Berlin set new records. The movement is growing every week. Hopefully this will spread to the rest of Europe and eventually to Canada

    • Frau Katze

      Finally, anti-immigrants are getting active all of Italy, not just the north.

    • Frau Katze

      Got the report on Germany. Should up by now.

  • AlfredLFaircloth
    • Yes. And?

    • James Holmes A Left Wing Extre

      Well done Mr. Loincloth, you’re doing much better ( *sarc) .

  • James Holmes A Left Wing Extre

    15 Biilion Euros later, the Counter Terrorist Chiefy has come to the conclusion that extreme jihadis in their midst, are possibly ‘bad news’. On another front, jihadi lawyers claim jihadis are created by government and not hate drilled into their heads from day 1, oh no.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Getting run down by minivans is just going to have to be one of those things Europeans put up with on a daily basis now. Oh well.